🧈 Buttered Survival - 9.1.5 - GSE3 -

@Butterbeard - TY again for the AWESOME macro
I am at 246 ilvl currently running about 5-6k with BM lego - VERY VERY happy with Surv currently - your macro making it do very well. my vers is a bit low but I have been getting stuff for BM since the exp started so I have to almost redo everything again
if I can ask where is your ilvl at and what lego r u running - and I would like to make a opening or burst macro - could you help with that? I only know enough about GSE to be dangerous - I am currently running NF but I might goto Kyrian
Your thoughts? Thanks again

Good to hear!
My ilvl is around 220 since I hadn’t been playing all too much and the leggo is Wildfire Cluster.
As far as Burst, that’s pretty much what the beginning of the macro does by casting coordinated assault and your racial.

just started testing this Macro.

And dude, - damn - it’s great!!

Hope you’ll keep it updated with current patches/content/etc.

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Great to hear man!
I’m sure I’ll be around for a while

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could u finish the pvp version? :slight_smile: pls

I’ll be working on it soon!
Kinda got caught up making Arms Warrior macros lol

hi …bin gespannt auf das Arms Macro

Hey Butter :slight_smile:
I really have to say, your macro “slips” like grease. Slaps his thigh
It runs really smoothly, doesn’t hang up at any point and does what it’s supposed to do very well.


Some things do not run as they should. At least if you want to play the class correctly. Please don’t get me wrong, it performs really well but I noticed some things.

  • You should split ST and AOE
    The rotation changes depending on the number of targets.
    #In multitarget it is extremely important to distribute “Serpent Sting” so that the corresponding bomb triggers. So I recommend that the macro should put Serpent Sting on each new target. At least in AoE [Reset=target].

  • It is also recommended that the Dot of Kill-comand be placed on each new target. So maybe after priority /cast [reset=target] Serpent-sting, Kill comand.
    #Every new target that has a bleed on it gives us and our pet attack speed.

  • You should not use “dissect” in the ST macro. The cooldown-reduce on the bombs does not matter in ST.

  • In Keypress a “Pet-call-macro” is helpful.

/cast [nopet,nodead] call pet 2
/cast [nopet,dead] heal pet

keep up the good work :slight_smile:

Greets, Fluff

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Appreciate the feedback my guy!

In regards to the Serpent Sting and Kill Command DOTing multiple targets, the macro already does.
/castsequence reset=target Serpent Sting, Kill Command, null
is in the keypress and has been working on my end

As far as the call Pet, the macro already does
/cast [nopet,nodead] Call Pet 3
is in the keypress as well

And with “Dissect” or “Carve” I have it on an ALT mod in my personal use version to it doesn’t go off all the time

Glad to see you pumping those numbers with Survival!

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Oh, yes I just see that my version shows a wrong Spell ID in the Kepress segment for the German translation. Something must have gone wrong. I’ll check this more carefully tomorrow by reloading the current version from you. No wonder it doesn’t fire the spells for me like that.

Sorry for the criticism then. I fired up the macro and just wanted to give some feedback.

I’m just a big fan of ST/AOE macros that work separately.

Thanks again for your work and the quick feedback <3

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No worries!
I can split the macro back up to ST and AOE next time I log in

I’m going to go ahead and guess that those high keys you’re doing are all manual play and not my macro, correct?

This keys are all with your Macro :slight_smile:
Others i’ve done with my BM spec.
But not because the macro doesn’t give more.
I think that you could also manage higher keys without any problems.

If you’re interested in some logs, i could upload my next runs for you :slight_smile: .


Dude thats awesome!
And yeah, I’d be very interested to see logs if you’d feel like it

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And here we go, some Logs for you.

Plaguefall 15 Log1

Halls 15 Log2

DoS 15 Log 3

If you have any questions, you can always send me a PN :slight_smile:
The whole of next week I will be on the SV-Hunter.

Kindest regards,



Sent you a PM. Not sure if you saw it

Great macro!
Made a version for lower keys/farming w/o SS on new target. Found things die so fast sometimes that all I did was SS. lol
Anyways, Thanks a bunch! <3

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were would one add flayed shot for venth cov?

Dear Buttered,

Amazing Macro. Could you please break it up into Single Target and AoE?

Many Thanks,

The Community (I am sure everyone is grateful)


i cant find the separated macro either, also how do you get it to reapply serpent sting, ty

i use it on its own key !