Cast sequences and abilities with different cooldowns

I’ve just discovered GSE and I’m trying to create a macro that does the following (I’m playing Classic if that makes a difference):

Cast Berserking but if it’s on cooldown use my 2nd trinket (Zandalarian Hero Charm). I have create a macro that has /cast Berserking; /use 14 which almost works. However the 2 abilities have different cooldowns and if I cast them together, the trinket comes off cooldown first but the macro is still on Berserking so I have to use the macro twice to get it to use the trinket again.

Is there any way to solve this?

Hello csuzw,

I’m afraid WoW macros can’t detect as you wish.

You might be able to import them as a second macro with pause/wait feature and pause them down in between, but I am not sure if they will fire correctly:

Best option it would be to have it as a modifier and keep a tracker of when to use them:

/cast [mod] 14; Berserking


/cast [mod] 14
/cast Berserking


/cast [mod:shift] 14
/cast [mod:alt] Berserking

Hopefully that helps