/cleartarget IF enemy @Pet or @Minion?

Is this possible with wow macro conditions? How do I clear target if enemy hunter pet is targeted?

I only wish to /target or /targetenemy if it is enemy player and nothing else… so if it’s a pet, do not target… or if it’s a dead enemy, do not target, etc…

use /targetenemyplayer

It won’t clear the target but will never target a pet or minion
Not sure if that is what you are looking for.

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I’m see GSE from time to time spurg out because feign death creates an issue. Appreciate it.

Might you know how I can force target enemy hunter that has feign death active? Is something like that possible?

not that I am aware of unless you have their name in the macro maybe

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So if I knew the hunter name, I could do something like /tar [nodead] Huntard and that would target him even if he is feign death?

I am not 100% never tested it
but in theory it should. you would have to press macro again to retarget if it was your old target

you cant do any form oif “IF” statements in GSE
Also, and im not 100% on this, but you cant use that type of /tar in pvp (dead, totems, etc)

Thats not entirely true, You can do a bunch of IF statements in GSE GSE3 -if/Then Blocks coming next few days What you cant do is an if statement that is evaluated in combat.

You are right on though on the targeting totems etc.

May you please share? How would one go about being able to “stick” on the hunter during Feign Death? And not target pet or nearby minion or player or whatever?

Before you go into combat you would need a “/target huntard” replacing huntard with the name of the hunter.

You dont need the [nodead] etc for this. If they are alive it will target them