COMING SOON! - Shadow Priest Macro / WeakAura Set - BfA v8.0...

Well, it looks like I’m a bit late to the party. ?
I uprooted the family and relocated some place warmer - feels like things took FOREVER!
But, better late than never I suppose. ?

Anyway, I finally started playing again this week and will be releasing my new macro / aura set soon.
You can find a “sneak peak” vid on my patreon page.

Looking forward to your feedback as usual.

Cheers! ?

YES, can´t wait. Just love your work.

Will it be all in one or multi buttons ?

Hey, that are nice news! I did used your macros in the past and i really liked them. However the WA´s you did, works at the english game client only. Would it be possible to you to use the Spell ID´s instead of the spell names, or would that makes more work ? If so that than just forget it :slight_smile:



I have moved away from all-in-one solutions because I feel they do not provide the flexibility that is required to produce maximum output.

Having said that, this Macro / Weakaura set will likely only be two or three macros spread across the same number of buttons.

Using WeakAuras that are tied to Spell IDs instead of Spell Names makes perfect sense - I will definitely look into doing that - great suggestion! ?

On a side note, I have changed my play style slightly - to align closer with some of the top players in the world - and I am still learning what key combinations are most efficient and which keybinds will work best with each macro.

As such, your feedback will be more helpful than it was before and I am excited to start playing regularly again.

Cheers! ?

That sounds impressive! I am parsing with some of the lowest Shadows in the world i guess ^^ But its a fun and challenging class. I am not sure if this will help you, but here you have the spell id´s (from wowhead)
There is also an addon called “idTip” that shows the id´s under the regular tooltipp.

Damage Dealing Abilities

Shadow Word: Pain	589
Vampiric Touch		34914
Mind Blast			8092
Mind Sear			48045
Mind Flay			15407
Void Eruption		228260
Void Bolt			228266

Offensive Cooldowns

Shadowfiend			34433
Shadowform			232698

Defensive Abilities and Cooldowns

Dispersion 			47585
Fade				586
Power Word: Shield	17
Silence				15487
Shadow Mend			186263
Vampiric Embrace	15286

Utility Spells

Mind Control		136287
Dispel Magic		528
Purify Disease		213634
Mass Dispel			32375
Psychic Scream		8122
Shackle Undead		9484
Levitate			1706
Mind Vision			2096
Power Word: Fortitude 21562
Leap of Faith		73325

Passive Abilities

Shadowy Apparitions	78203
Voidform			194249

Edit: I wanted to post this stuff in correct distance to eachother / in line, but it always looks like it does now… Mr. Monk dont like this !

[quote quote=66743]… I am not sure if this will help you, but here you have the spell id´s (from wowhead)
Damage Dealing Abilities

Shadow Word: Pain	589
Vampiric Touch		34914
Mind Blast		8092


The info you provided was very helpful - thank you!

You will be happy to know that I have made these changes and that I am in the process of putting together the video that will accompany these macros and weakauras.

Cheers! ?

Looking forward to trying it out.

Almost ready?? I mostly play disc but keen to step in for a bit of shadow


I haven´t been on the toilet since you posted this thread. Only refreshing the site just to see if you have posted it.

Can you tell how many days more before we gonna see the macro.

Can´t wait.

Maybe he moved again ???

I am also waiting for this, keep checking back every day since his post still nothing.

I feel a bit jaded now.

Whats this whole Patron nonsense, that and you not showing up no more tells me this is nothing more then a simple clickbait. Dont promiss stuff if you cant deliver.

In the past he has offered all of his macros and WA´s for free. He may just have something more important to do actually. And when you think of how many hours he had to spend with this stuff, i find it more thank ok to link patreon.
This site has only view active members wich provide theire macros. We may have to be grateful and patience, or would you continiue to provide your macros after comments like you post ?


Hello. It has been awhile since you posted. I am very excited to try this macro(s). Where have you gone, Sethadon? I shall wait patiently for this macro. Please return soon! I would like to stretch my shadow priest to the limit

cant wait for it <3

Bro, he never ment to post here in the first place

its all a damn clickbait.

in the past, users on HB made stuff for free, untill they made
a shop. so the best macros could be bought

hes doing the same, clickbait

i didnt even register to see what this site is about

but its clear he is only here to make money off it

and that, is not what lazymacro is about

if one starts like it, ina bit, all we can do is pay

for the better macros.

Click on : his name - Forums - Topic started.

Sorry for the delay people - this year’s been crazy!

Anyway, I posted everything here: