Corbic Enhance Macro (9.0.x)

Hi All

This is a macro I made for myself and will be making changes to suite my play style. If you would like to use it and make changes to suite your play style that’s fine with me

I will not be making changes based on your needs. It will be optimized for my play style and how I play shaman

Windfury totem should be cast manually as well as your weapon buffs and lightning shield. You should be prepped before a fight and the 1h buff is long enough that you dont need it mid fight. Placing your Windfury totem is also situational and should be done when needed and within range of your fight


Usage Information

Enhancement Shaman
Shift -> Feral Spirits
Ctrl -> Chain Lighting
Alt -> Lightning Bolt

This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.6.26.

Macro Version 1

Step Function: Priority

KeyPress: Chain Lightning, Lightning Bolt, Feral Spirit

Main Sequence: Primal Strike, Frost Shock, Lava Lash, Flame Shock, Crash Lightning, Earthen Spike

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This works really well, what talents are you running?


Works well for me

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I changed Chain Lightning and Feral Spirits to separate keys but kept the modifier for lightning to fit my playstyle and I must say this thing hits like a truck. Thank you! Keep up the Great Work!

Sadly this macro just doesn’t work well. Ctrl CL never works, needs to be replaced with Healing Surge. Secondly, Windfury Totem never comes out. I don’t get why Flame Shock and Frost Shock are being used for, while its there its’ not meant for Enhancement.

Maybe you are just stupid? If you actually read the 1st post without just being a Rambo you would have clearly seen that WF totem is manual and situational. Also if you have no clue how to play Enh Shaman you should also rather go play something else. Added if your Crtl dont work YOUR keybinds are wrong on YOUR pc. Got nothing to do with the macro

I really don’t think it necessary for me to explain Frost and Flame shock to you cause clearly you don’t know how Enh shaman works.


Sorry used to the old Enhance. Not a big fan of this new style.

Windfury should go auto, all the other authors have done that, it is a good suggestion for you. CTRL works for my other toons, and even works for Elemental, but doesn’t work for Enhancement.

I’m giving feedback that is what this forum is about. As for Flame and Frost Shock, yes I understand it’s part of the new rotation, the issue is it doesn’t work well. It’s not smooth. That’s on you.

Sure. Again I am not lazy to push more than 1 button. This is not a 1 button macro as you need to be adaptable to any situation and 1 button macros are never optimal for everything in game. WF Totem should NEVER be used in a macro as it takes away from the rotational GCD… So optimally thats bad on their part as they want a 1 button plays the game for me. Sorry but thats not fun for me and hence certain things change based on play style

CL on Crtl works for me every single time without fail. You need to take Maelstrom into account as well as the GCD cycle. Also you need to HOLD CRTL down until it casts as its on GCD with all other spells in the rotation. Its not a press it once and its good button (That’s a GSE thing)

Second to that. You didn’t even know Frost and Flame shock is part of the rotation and want to tell me what’s smooth and not. Dude gtfo. Go play a hunter please as they have 1 button play the game macros you would love

In @Toxicdust’s defense it’s clearly stated in the OP that the macro is tailored for HIS playstyle and it’s optimized for HIM.
BUT since I have a disability that makes it very hard for me to know if I’m pressing two buttons simultaneously (very little feeling in my left and) DOES NOT make me lazy " to push more than 1 button". I just can’t and I am no where near lazy.

To @Moonsorrow_1414
Take his macro, adjust it to your needs, create it and post it! (In a separate thread of course giving some credit to Toxxicdust.


Thanks. @Deezyl_Fizzlepop If you would like me to build you a macro personally just to suite your condition specifically I can do that for you. Its not about saying everyone in lazy but clearly he didn’t have a clue as the basic shaman principles are not understood

I can test and optimize it for you as we go along if that’s what you need

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Thank you for your generosity but I main a Hunter and create my own macros for me personally for that toon and use whatever macros for alts just to get them up to 60 then park them till next expansion.

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I am enjoying the rotation and I am understanding your playstyle, which fits with mine as well!

I don’t want to incur your wrath, but for your playstyle, do you use a specific MS or do you just spam the key yourself?

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I run it at 100ms atm

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Hi Deezyl

There is a macro on this forum that would work for Enhancement I developed it last few years under another username, sadly I forgot those credentials.

The issue is the new Enhancement that Blizzard made broke the spec. Infusing LB and CL into the rotation is Blizzard giving Enhancement the big FU. Honestly the spec is broken, both in PVE and in PVP.

For me personally, the Stormstrike style of Enhancement is something Blizzard needs to look into and work into. The current spec feels like a lower version of Elemental just with Melee Weapons, something that people on MMO C and other websites have mentioned.

Enhancement was my main spec for the last 2 expansions. The style has changed, its not the Stormstrike style anymore like it used to be.

Remember, Shamans didn’t get any attention in Beta until nearly the end. Same with Rogues.

The problem currently is that Frost Shock and Flame Shock are GCD locks, and due to that the fast Windfury attention doesn’t seem to apply, maybe with more haste in future patches it might be something to be looking into.

I main a Druid, mostly Resto, I do have a Hunter as well who I consider a farming bot. Enhancement is not a tough rotation, Feral is more complicated and has been for the last 2 expansions.

As I said, the old Enhance, this wasn’t the style. My old Enhancement macros on this site (under a different name as I forgot the login credentials) have been praised by many. Same with my Hunter, and Druid macros. I’m not a n00b on this site, I’ve been here developing macros on this site (under my other name) since MOP. Blizzard broke the spec, by making it a hybrid Elemental spec. One final thing, my old Enhancement macros were top DPS for a lot of people including myself.

There are solutions to work around this, but its not going to happen until the first raid tier comes out and we can start looking at SIM DPS to create good macros.

In 8.x Enhancement did not have to monitor and manage Windfury Totems. That was baked into the spec already. Frost Shock started to get attention in 8.3 but I never included it in my macros, and honestly Hot Streak was a better talent for the fast playstyle that I had made for the macro and it worked well. Others who chose Hailstorm in 8.3 and started using Frost Shocks, there DPS was down because Frost Shock had a GCD lock on it. Flame Shock did not. Flame Shock now has a GCD lock on it, so you need to have a few auto attacks, which make Windfury Totem, just overall bad until the haste is matched. The issue with the current rotation is the implementation of LB and CL into the rotation. This is where the spec gets broken, prior, LB was uses a filler spell, or even a pulling spell for solo adventures. Enhancement did not have access to CL. In 9.x LB and CL are now required, no longer considered filler spells, or optional spells. This changes the entire aspect of Enhancement.

I make macros for raiders, and mythics. Not for solo adventures or scenarios. Currently, my guild won’t bring any Enhancement spec Shammies to our raids starting next week.

Where the biggest impact of change is in Elemental Assault and Maelstorm Weapon.

As I have explained, Enhancement needs work from Blizzard, the spec currently is broken. Next week we will find out the best DPS for each spec, and the rankings. I do not see Enhancement being in the top 5 or anything in the S or A tier.

Just to final note, on many other forum sites (non-macros) the feedback about Enhancement is the same as what I have mentioned. According to Icy Veins Beta numbers, Enhancement is ranked #15 it is nearly at the C tier the lowest tier. Elemental is also in the B tier but is closer to the A tier by 2 spots.


On singel target Enhance is top 3 in dps with item lvl 185

Did you read your source? Let me quote a specific spot: “It is, simple put, a solid spec, and well deserving of a melee spot in most groups.”

Now for the rest of your post. You fail to understand that these macros are shared for the purposes of other people to see what someone is working on and for YOU to take what doesn’t work for YOU and make it WORK FOR YOU!

If you are looking for a macro to be S-Tier or A-Tier, then you need to create your own and understand how GSE works and more importantly, the class in which you are griping about.

As stated and will reiterate, this macro works for HIM (@Toxicdust), not YOU specifically, so if this doesn’t work for YOU, then go make it work for YOU.

EDIT: @Toxicdust, apologies if my assumption in you being a him/her is incorrect.


Please, don’t ever use Toxx…er Noxxic for anything. Ever. Not even if that was the last website to exist. Just no.

Icy Veins is the best place, IMO, if you wanna read up and get serious about your Class/Spec.

If you don’t believe me and when you visit the Shammy Discord, and I’m assuming you visit very often, just ask about Noxxic there. Don’t feel too humiliated…

**Very sorry to hijack your thread, @Toxicdust.


In addition to my previous post, this is the update (from your source link) as of TODAY, 12/4:

December 4 update: Enhancement is actually doing quite well, and even as a melee is looking to be very competitive in Castle Nathria. Their damage output is among the best out of any melee, and perhaps even more importantly Windfury Totem has proven to be an incredible buff for several melee specs, making an Enhancement Shaman an extremely attractive choice to round out a melee comp for the new raid.”

I think Enhancement is doing fine, but not fine for YOU, so take it as you will.

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@Toxicdust thanks again for this macro, it’s working perfectly with only a tweak to the KeyPress section for my playstyle, which doesn’t have any bearing on Enhancement at all lol

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