Crypts Unholy Hole

Took the build from Partywaffles high ranked UH DK PVP’er, but also if you check the builds on Icy or Wowhead it’s not in there so it’s probably not worth taking for PVP. PVE though I am not sure, you can always modify the build slightly as long as you don’t lose the core spells that you will be firing in the macro.

I’ll have to check how to do that, haven’t been on wow for over a year and came back for DF so will see how it holds up for me, so far so good.

Ah i didn’t realise it was a PVP based macro xD
I play M+ & Raids, it works alright in them, just cos use Epidemic’s pumps :slight_smile:

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Ye, I think it’s good enough to be the base of a PVE macro, just need to modify slightly according to PVE Meta build.

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So I’m getting an error telling me that I’m in the wrong zone - checked the macros and nothing in it would be zone based nor are any of my trinkets, etc.

Sounds like its trying to use a convent spell

That’s what I thought but there is nothing in any of the three macros that isnt a default DK spell i.e. non SL convent or like BFA neck.

weird i was using it today had nothing like that, ive had it on another profile but fixed it.

It’s probably Abomination Limb in the GO macro when you hold the shift modifier. Go back to Oribos, change your covenant to something to something other than Necro, relog and try again

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This is almost working for me, but Apocalypse is not going off?

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Love this macro been using it all week leveling up to 70 doing just pvp. How would I go about having death coil go off more often ?

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^^ This please!

Thanks in advance

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Apocalypse is on a modifier, alt modifier, it won’t go off automatically

I can take a look when I am back on my DK, issue with just adding is you can starve other abilities but let me check first.

I also thought it wasn’t going off either. but I noticed if I stood still it would cast.

ye it definitely goes off, just doesn’t spam it

great macro only gripe i have , is there a way to stop pet auto attacking in instances ?

you can remove that but then you have to tab target every time you kill something and move to the next

You can also just remove /petattack from the KeyPress section, although as soon as you damage something it will attack as it normally does.

Crypt is there a way to set up chains of ice to go off automatically and stop in an initial attack and not keep spamming the spell