Cym's New Fire Macro w/ Cinderstorm (Added YT Clip)

Could you tell me how to use AHK to spam a button so i don’t need to do it myself. I think i’m missing some damage when i spam the button myself.

If you check out this post here it has a couple of different scripts. Mine is a couple of posts down since i am a lefty i tend to use the numpad to spam.

AHK Scripts

I have mine set to random button press 0.05 to 0.120ms so as not to miss/skip any abilities.

You can alter the buttons to how you would like it. Mine only takes effect whrn the scroll lock is on otherwise it just acts as a normal key.

Thx got it to work!

Cym, I like what’s in the macros, but I am an absolute noob when it comes to macros, I copy pasted the macros into my macro page (Using macro toolkit) and learned that you can’t do that because when i went to use it the macro spammed guild chat for 5 minutes because I didn’t notice and I kept pressing it because it wouldn’t work. I went through the macro and began removing anything that wasn’t after a /cast or was open [] and still it didn’t work (Ice Barrier worked though) if you could help me out with the first 2 macros it would be very appreciated EDIT: Also What macro addon are you using?

I am limited in using Macro Toolkit but from what i know it should be able to understand both /castsequence and /cast options.
I am not promising anything but i will download and test with Toolkit and see what i can come up with but i think it will just ignore any steps and cast whatever is available and off cooldown so might look random.

I am currently using GnomeSequencer - Enchanced (GS-E for short)
It can be found here It might take some getting used to but can give you greater control over your macros and there are good guides on that link and included in this site :slight_smile:

If you wanted to give that a try all you would need to do is copy and paste the macro into the Mage.lua file save it, go in game and type /gs and drag it to the bar.

I’m trying all the macros you have given your first , but more so now what could cause a fall while 40-60 DPS should I use macros in which the opinion of your visit wonder

Critical Strike 46%
Haste : 14%
Mastery: 16%
versatiliy : 4%

ilvl 706

I use the macro

burnfir and fluidfire

I use a number of different issues at a macro in which it seems ?

I think i know what you’re asking…

Ok so for the macros and this is only my own personal opinion:

Leveling to 110 and current raiding in PvE:
I would use both BurnEverything with CombustPhase for movement phases

for PvP:
I would use BurnFire and FluidFire
This is because Blast Wave and Living Bomb will become very useful for hitting multiple players and slowing them down. It provides great utility and support in BG’s

which is the single target and AOE

They are both really.

I have not made one for separate single target or AoE as the current nature of the fire mage is AoE.

In all the builds i have posted there is 1 talent which causes it to hit many targets.

In the current builds it’s either Living Bomb or Unstable Magic while in the previous builds it was Blast Wave while adding Cinderstorm into the mix.

Cymmiryc, thanks for the help, I installed GS-E and added your macros to the Lua and they work amazing. The macros are really impressive to me. If you have any for Balance Druids or Warlocks I’d love to know

I added one more recently for Demolock to use Darkglare.

It can be a little frustrating out in the field because there is no way to reset the sequence per target short of doing a full /reload but casting Shadow Bolt as a separate keybind will work well.

It will cast Demonic Empowerment after almost every summon and it’s mana efficient.

Demo Warlock

Can anyone add in the line to use Phoenix’s Flames into all 3 rotations on the first page for the artifact weapon? Would love to have this in the macro but am so new to scripting I don’t trust myself.

Done :slight_smile:

First off that was very fast and second, thanks a million! This macro is by far the best fire mage one I’ve come across bar none.

I may end up ditching Cinderstorm for now (keep it in the macro) and go with Kindling for a while.
Cinderstorm makes a lot of people nervous when pulling packs :smiley:

If it didnt travel so far it would be much better lol

Yeah, cinderstorm has gotten me into some trouble at times pulling a random mob or pack from far off. Thankfully the macro outputs so much god damned DPS it can handle it most of the time.

At the same time, kind of afraid to remove cinderstorm given the sheer DPS it puts out too, especially close up.

Is there any way to add mods to the macro such as when holding down shift or alt it will leave cinderstorm out? Not sure that’s even possible.

You can change it to [[/cast [mod:alt/shift] Cinderstorm]],

Choose which one you want to add in. It will cast Cinderstorm only when you hold that key down while it’s firing off the macro… so yeah Cinderstorm on demand.

Mod keys dont work for me sadly since i use the numpad keys and holding mods down make it a different key altogether which AHK doesn’t see

Very nice, thanks for that Cymiryc. Can’t wait to use the adjusted macro. You plan on adjusting your macro to fit your artifact weapons build or modifying your artifact weapon to fit your macro? The weapon seems to harp a lot towards flamestrike.

Probably won’t at this point. Flame Strike is radial and click so it wouldn’t fit properly. I keep it on a larger button using the Button Forge addon so i decide on roughly 3+ targets to drop Flame Strike and then switch back to Pyro until i am back above 3 mobs so there isn’t much to swap or add to it

I feel very squishy and like I do low damage, with the first 2 macros I got about 30k dps with 705 ilvl and with the one you have for levelling I do around 21k dps but my health drains really fast, I specced my weapon into the ability that heals when I blink. Any suggestions?