Darkmanz is back with a NEW DARKITTY all in one macro for 8.3

Hello folks, I’m back after taking a break from the game for ~year. I just got back into kitty and this is the Macro that I have come up with. It is an all in one (two I guess technically) bundle. one button for general use (up to 3 targets) and an all out AOE macro for those MDI M+ pulls.

**Updated 3:00pm (pst) 6/19/20
THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!!!(if you read nothing else here, please read this!!!
There is a glitch intended or not (I will talk with Timothy Luke about it) where GSE converts all of the calls for the spell cast Brutal Slash back to just Swipe. normally that would be fine, you /cast swipe in game with the Brutal Slash talent selected it will make the translation and cast Brutal Slash. However in this case GSE (or WoW) somewhere along the way that variable is getting confused when you swap in and out of the talent “Brutal Slash” it will cause the macro to start up and go through it’s opener but then hang and just spam Thrashes endlessly. If this happens just log out and back in and it clears up the issue. So please don;t spam me with “This thing just hangs up and casts Swipe or Thrash and nothing else…”

I tore it all down and put it back together (and because I love to torture myself and I am OCD I added support for a talent that nobody uses… That’s right folks Savage Roar is in) in an effort to resolve an issue that some people were having specific to the Sabertooth talent choice where their Rip was not refreshing fast enough with the Ferocious Bites to maintain it. Ultimately I ended up back in more or less the same place but I added a couple of workarounds for those having issues.

  1. I cannot emphasize this enough!! set your click speed fast on this one (it actually matters) my synapse churns through this at 0.020 clicks/sec. it will smooth out alot of the issues.
  2. I added a [alt] modifier for Rip. If Rip falls off and is not refreshing wait for it to build a few combo points then hit the alt button
  3. There is a second version Tab with a slightly different opener to give that initial Rip a little more time before it needs to be refreshed with the first Ferocious Bite. Use this as a last resort, the thing that I don’t like here is that I designed the macro to throw a Rip on any new target, the second version will still do this but it will be sluggish to do so as it has to cast a Shred first.
  4. If The macro hangs (sitting without combo points and just autoswinging) you have some options to get it back on track. It needs a combo point to continue as it has inadvertently hit a place in a sequence line that has a spell that requires a combo point and the silly thing spent them on something else.
    a. simplest thing to do is manually cast any ability that generates a combo point.
    b. Press shift for a second to activate the AOE macro (or manually press it) that will cast something that makes a combo point
    c. Target anything else other than your target (yourself works) and then back again. this will force it to begin anew and build combo points.

ALL talents are now supported(you can pick and choose whatever suits you)
that being said I tend to run:
Raid: 2/2/3/1/1/3/2 -------- M+:1/2/1/1/1/3/1 --------- Questing etc:3/2/3/1/1/2/1 ------- PvP:2/1/1/1/3/2/2 pvptalents (Gladiator’s Medallion, Ferocious Wound, Leader of the Pack, Savage Momentum)

I built in some PvP talents this time around. Thorns will cast on you on CD and Rip and Tear is in there but there is currently no way to tell a macro to not cast something if a PvP talent is chosen so the already baked in Rake and Rip are going to refresh shortly after. I don’t think people usually take Rip and Tear anyway so no biggy (I think), I’ll keep playing with it.

There are 3 macros listed below. the first is the “Main” single target(and cleave up to 3 targets), the second is the AOE macro intended for more than 3 targets, and the third is a macro that covers all of the (useful) Racials in the game currently.

For the AOE macro you have a couple of options: you can place it on a seperate button and press it when needed, or there is a [shift] modifier built into the main macro that *calls the AOE macro. If you would like to use a different modifier feel free to change the line: /click [mod:shift] DARKKITTY_8.3-AOE in the KeyPress section. you simply change the [mod:shift] to [mod:alt] or [mod:ctrl]. If you do not want the modifier in the macro at all you can delete it or you can comment that line out (you can comment out lines by placing two dashes in front of the /. like this:–/click [mod:shift] DARKKITTY_8.3-AOE

*For the Racial use macro I have tried to include everything that is useful in combat for each Race, that being said there are some in there that I know that I would rather manually cast (personally) Feel free to completely remove the call to the other macro from the Main or edit (tweak as you wish)

  • in order for the main macro to call another macro the child macro (the second one that you want it to use) needs to be imported and have an icon created for it. it does not have to be on your bars but it does need to show up in your ingame macro section when you press /macro in game. The name must match exactly how it is called in the main macro (so don’t change the name I have given it)

Please give me feedback and let me know what you think.

Main Macro/ single target (recommended cleave up to 3 targets)
**Updated 8:40pm (pst) 6/17/20__Fixed a typo in one of the condition lines that was spitting out a “unknown macro condition 7/2” error
**Updated 3:00pm (pst) 6/19/20__Reworked the entire thing to include Savage Roar support and include a second version for people who are having issues with Rip falling off the target

Usage Information
Use Version 1 for everything unless you are having issues with Rip not maintaining, then use version 2
Use an extremely fast click speed (my synapse is at 0.020) it has alot of conditional formatting to slug through

For the listed talents if there is an “x” it means you can pick any of the 3 talents and the macro will adjust/change accordingly. If there is a “?” it means you can pick any of the 3 talents as they do not affect the macro at all. If there is a number or number(s) seperated by a comma it means only that talent(s) is supported.

Recomended Talents:
Raid: 2/x/?/?/1/3/1
M+: 1/x/?/?/1/3/1
Questing and world: any really but I tend to use 3/1/3/1/1/2/1

This macro contains 2macro versions. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.5.8.

  • The Default macro is 1
Macro Version 1
Step Function: Sequential

Pre Macro: Moonfire, Rake

KeyPress: Prowl, Rip, Cat Form

Main Sequence: Moonfire, Swipe, Rip, Ferocious Bite, Regrowth, Thrash, Shred, Rake

KeyRelease: Regrowth, Ferocious Bite, Rip, Shred

Post Macro: Berserk, Tiger’s Fury

Macro Version 2
Step Function: Sequential

Pre Macro: Moonfire, Rake

KeyPress: Prowl, Rip, Cat Form

Main Sequence: Moonfire, Swipe, Rip, Ferocious Bite, Regrowth, Thrash, Shred, Rake

KeyRelease: Regrowth, Ferocious Bite, Rip, Shred

Post Macro: Berserk, Tiger’s Fury

AOE (recommended for more than 3 targets)
**Updated 3:00pm (pst) 6/19/20__I tweaked the AOE rotation as I was not happy with it’s performance before

Usage Information
AOE Kitty (same talents as DarkKitty_8.3-1.0) intended to be used together. Using Shift while running DarkKitty_8.3-1.0 activates this macro as long as it has been imported and an icon created for it (in /gse click the “create icon” button) and the name has not been changed.

This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.5.8.

Macro Version 1

Step Function: Sequential

KeyPress: Prowl, Cat Form

Main Sequence: Moonfire, Rip, Swipe, Thrash, Ferocious Bite, Shred, Rake

KeyRelease: Regrowth

Post Macro: Berserk, Tiger’s Fury

To use the Racial of whatever Race you are on (hint: you can add this to other macros by simple putting the following line in the KeyPress section of a macro:
/click [combat] ALLRACIALS_8.3
**Updated 3:00pm (pst) 6/19/20__Removed a couple of “unnecessary” abilites

Usage Information
This is a macro to use the Racial of whatever toon that you are on. it can be called in any other sequence by inserting this line into the Keypress section: The “ALLRACIALS_8.3” macro does not need to be on a bar but you do need to have pushed the “create icon” in GSE
/click [combat] ALLRACIALS_8.3

This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.5.8.

Macro Version 1

Step Function: Sequential

Main Sequence: Berserking


May I ask how come moonfire?

I really like this macro…Great Job <3

It will only Moonfire if you talent Lunar Inspiration (Which TBH is not that far behind the other two and is handy when questing etc, when some mobs are flying or whatever and you need some range).

It’s a great maco tytytytty <3 1 quick question, when u say it doesn’t support brutal slash, but it supports swipe? isn’t it the samething when u chose brutal slash.

After some testing I’m going to go ahead and retract this statement and say that Brutal Slash works just fine. (Enjoy that opening Burst :stuck_out_tongue: )

“It’s a great maco tytytytty <3 1 quick question, when u say it doesn’t support brutal slash, but it supports swipe? isn’t it the samething when u chose brutal slash.”

Brutal Slash takes over swipe when that talent is selected. but the rotation to build/spend is a little different. You are welcome to try Brutal Slash and it may very well work fine (I have not tested it) so I cannot promise that it will build and spend correctly or be optimal with that talent.

I tested it, and it does work, so Brutal Slash is supported :smiley: just wish the macro would hit regrowth more often

@darkonius wow glad to have you back! Still up to this day I use your macros on my feral and guardian. Will try yours in a matter of hours and if it’s anything like your old work, can’t wait to dominate with them! Good job and thanks for the feral love :wink:

Edit: Just did a quick test with my new druid, and so far I’m impressed. Right on sim. Yes my gear sucks and I don’t have high damage, but what I was looking at was the difference between sim and actual damage. Biggest difference is Shred. Sim says I should do more and no Thrash, but at my ilvl, they end up compensating well. Here’s a look at my sim+ dam on a 5 mins fight.

Thanks for the good job.

Welcome back. Looking forward to trying it out after I get my first cup of coffee down.

Trust me lol that fact has kept me up many a night for a couple of weeks now. I started out with it only Thrashing once in a blue moon to prime the damage for Shreds and Swipes (and alot less swipes in the ST) but back then I spent a ton of time Rage capped. Try as I might I could not get it to Shred “fast” enough to dip into the rage pool or do enough damage. I tried several approaches and click speeds, but ultimately when I added in a few more Thrashes and swipes it seemed to be able to move through the sequence faster. I tuned it from too few to too many back to where it is now for the best results for me. I have no doubt that it may vary for folks depending on gear.

Thanks! I hope it works to your satisfaction.

single target locks up like a 3 legged dog in a mud pit

**update- I resolved the issue

@oiciniv I was playing around and found a similar issue on my account that after playing with other builds and coming back to my normal build the thing just sits there and spams Thrash. Given the sequence of events that lead up to it doing this I became suspicious of the talent swap between Primal Wrath and Brutal Slash in the same session. I suspect that somewhere (either in GSE or in WoW) when Brutal Slash takes over for Swipe that variable is saved and then not cleared when we swap back . Logging out and back in cleared up the problem for me but I am looking to see if I can do something else to keep it from happening.

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Ok i give up, where is the macro?

@markdotjames, Sorry I had taken it down for a couple of hours as I found a hang in it. It is back up and running now.


For some reason every time I hit shift for aoe it cuts off the emote sound and i have to go back in and turn it back on does not do it on the single target one or if i run the aoe without hitting shift. Also got a error that said unknown macro 7/2

@shane-dolby Alrighty, a couple of things to address the first issue.

  1. Go into your ingame Keybinds and make sure that you do not have anything bound to Shift or any Shift modifier (also you may want to look for any Alt or Ctrl while you are at it as many macro writers frequently use all 3) Your pet binds is a good place to start, but for your problem specifically under the miscellaneous sub category there are some binds related to sound, I would advise unbinding any of the sound related stuff, unless you specifically use those bindings to adjust your ingame sound, and if you do…make sure that the previously mentioned modifiers are not used there.
  2. *edited to include:*I did a quick search to refresh my memory on the subject. Here is a reply from Timothy Luke on the subject: But the quick answer is in your /gs settings uncheck the "prevent sound errors (I’m sorry yes it is annoying hearing the error spam, but when chaining macros they fight each other and turn off your sound effects)
    GSE Pause / Wait: Stop Wasting Multi Charges Abilities

Play with those settings and if the problem persists I can try to look into it deeper.

The second issue: the “unknown macro 7/2” conditional error. Thank you for bringing this to my attention, there was a typo in one of the conditions where I left a colon out. I have corrected it and uploaded a new copy. Please re-import or you can find the line:
/castsequence [talent:1/3, talent 7/2, notalent:6/2] reset=combat Rake, Moonfire, Thrash, Swipe, Shred, Ferocious Bite, Rake, Moonfire, Thrash, Swipe, Shred, Regrowth, Rip

and add a colon to the “talent 7/2” so it becomes talent:7/2

For some reason RIP is not firing off.

@Packsie You are going to have to give me more than that. What are the Talents? What are the circumstances? When is Rip not firing? ever? or sometimes etc.

I use the raid talents that u provided, and RIP is not going off at all.