Dek's Guardian (10.2) BEAR AD ASTRA (2500+ KSM/KSH) Updated 24-Feb-2024

Hey everyone, Here is my guardian druid macro. Let me know what you think!


There are 2 macros, the one labelled ST is single target (replaces Raze with Maul, for a slight dps/healing increase). The dps increase is minor but very helpful on high tyrannical bosses as the absorb shield from Maul on a single target helps a lot.

I’ve started using the macro to manage cooldowns after getting my 4-pc, but there are blocks that can be de-activated for Rage of the Sleeper and Berserk if you prefer that before the 4-set. The 4-set makes Rage so astrong i find spending it on CD is almost always the right call. The macro doesn’t cast frenzied regen, so that is managed separately.

Advanced bear shifting

One minor note, with the macro as posted. Its a bit of an advanced tactic, but shifting into bear form will grant a bit of extra armor and health for a few seconds due to the ursine vigor talent. This can function as a defensive cooldown becase of how health scaling works - lets say a boss is about to do a big cast for 1m damage, and the extra health takes you from 1m to1.3m for the 4 seconds its active. If you are able to safely drop and re-enter bear form such that the cast hits in the window, instead of the ability killing you outright, youll be left with 300k/1.3m (23%) health, and when the buff expires, youll keep your health % and drop to 230k hp, effectively mitigating that much damage. again, use it responsibly as it does take you out of bear form, but its a neat trick. Ursine vigor can also be dropped to work towards affix talents like hibernate or remove corruption.

I run at 100ms, and prioritize haste and versatility for statting. I run the cheat death trinket from Dawn and a sustaining alchemist stone.

Let me know what you think!

Current Gear/Stats


Current Rating







This macro contains 1 macro template. This Sequence was exported from GSE 3.1.54.

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Sweet ! gotta try this today.


Just updated the macro and instructions!


I’ve skipped over Raze, just because. Can Raze be a good replacement for Maul, even in single target? I don’t mind a little drop in dps, but would be nice to use Raze in multi situations and just use 1 macro.

Raze does about 55% of the damage of Maul, but to up to 5 targets. This makes it ideal on 2 or more targets but is a bit weaker than Maul in single target. Raze/Maul generally make up 12-15% of our damage, so in a pure single target fight, using Raze instead of Maul would present a 6-7% DPS loss. I run this macro in M+, not raid, and in M+ the vast majority of the time you are engaging multiple targets. In practice, I estimate only using the AOE macro would account for a 1-2% dps/healing loss compared to using both in the correct situations (multi-target vs single-target.) I hope this helps.

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This was actually very helpful, and I appreciate the feedback. It would be nice to replace 1 swipe with a Raze or something like that. Kind of mix it in to hit once in a while. Keeping everything wrapped up into 1 macro. I must try that for the heck of it.

thanks for making this !

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Where do you go to look up your Talents ? I have been off retail for about a year and just going back in to it so I am trying to figure out what to do again

I usually theory craft my own for bear but using wowhead as a base. I link them with the macro though.

Im about 1 1/2 months late, but needless to say this macro R0CKS!

Feeling confident doing m+ and raids.


Chiming in to say your Multi-target macro works well. I tweaked it to play the way I like but it works very well. Excellent work.

Glad it is working for you - I recently timed my first 24 key with it, so I am pretty pleased with it.

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hey dek i want to say your macro is great i have been timing 23s and 22s with ease given i pugged this whole season also my first season tanking. i decide to switch at the end of season 2 from havoc dh. im currently sitting at 486 i level and just hit 3k io this morning im hoping when next season comes out you will continue to update the macro becuase i am absolutly loving it

i dont understand what is the DEKGGTANK macro ? is that for single target ?

Then the DEKFFTANK_ST macro is for single target

sorry im dumb lol can anyone help a brother out with this one

the dekggtank macro is the default/aoe version. I used it through seasons 1 and 2 without creating a ST version. this season I made a ST version that replaces raze with maul for a single target dps/healing boost vs bosses or other big singular enemies. that is all.

Your macro in action. very nice work. i full cleared normal last night. parses very well.
I did modify to my play style but smooth like butter.

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so im having an issue with the both the st and the aoe macro where it randomly shifts me out of bear form and i dont under stand what is going on

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turns out its the cast regrowth portion of the macro that cuases me to shift out of bear form. not sure what happened or what changed to start this problem for me.
how do we fix that?

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See this talent tree.

Dream of cenarious is the talent

Talent tree example

same thing just happened to me. was embarrassing