Demonology – 5.0

This lazy macro works with a smooth rotation. Without a macro extender addon it had to be split into 2 to make it work, otherwise it would not fit in just 1 button. The SuperDuperMacro version has a modifier for Metamorphosis.

Human Phase

/cancelaura [form]Metamorphosis
/castsequence reset=target Curse of the Elements,Corruption,null
/castsequence reset=target Shadow Bolt,Soul Fire,Fel Flame
/cast Hand of Gul'dan
/cast Command Demon
/cast Imp Swarm
/use 13
/use 14

Metamorphosis Phase

/cast [noform]Metamorphosis
/castsequence [form]reset=target Doom,null
/cast [form]Touch of Chaos
/cast [form]Chaos Wave
/cast Command Demon
/cast Imp Swarm
/cast Dark Soul: Knowledge
/use 13
/use 14

Version:2 - SuperDuperMacro only

/castsequence [mod]Metamorphosis;[form]reset=target Doom,null
/cast [form]Touch of Chaos
/cast [form]Chaos Wave
/castsequence reset=target Curse of the Elements,Corruption,null
/castsequence reset=target Shadow Bolt,Soul Fire,Fel Flame
/cast Hand of Gul'dan
/cast Imp Swarm
/cast [form]Dark Soul: Knowledge
/use 13
/use 14

Hello Guys :slight_smile:

Is it my browser or the links for the new macros (1st Demonology 5 forum page) are empty?!!


[quote quote=3804]Hello Guys :)

Is it my browser or the links for the new macros (1st Demonology 5 forum page) are empty?!!


I can see the macros.

It should be in the tab where it says “English”, if you do not see it is because your browser does not have javascript on running, try to enable it to see it. Or try chrome or other browser that supports javascript.

Hope this solves your problem.

[quote quote=3804]Hello Guys Is it my browser or the links for the new macros (1st Demonology 5 forum page) are empty?!! Cheers

Rather Die Free than in Peace Subject
[/quote] well mine only goes up to 4 pages of forums so may be your browser.

Hello Guys,

Many Thanks to all, especially to Luis for answering the same day I posted the question.

Problem solved, everything is working fine and yes, the problem was with my browsers, being specific: My Damn Browsers (all of them) caches! They were too big and old :slight_smile:

Clean All caches solved it.


Hello Guys,

I start to get worried with my reputation here; I’m afraid I’d soon be nicknamed “the Complainer” if not something worst :slight_smile:

Please stick with “the Beta-tester” ehehehe

Well I’ve been using the long (SDM version) of the macro, and it worked fine until … THE PATCH!

OK, “load out of date add-ons” is on, all updates available in Curse are done, BUT the macro started running havoc the first time I logged after 5.1

It simply won’t cast Imp Swarm and the following lines :frowning:

Again, it’s just me or have someone else noticed this issue too?



Enjoy. Warlocks got a lot of spells mixed around and removed. I personally tested this with my Warlock.

/castsequence reset=target Curse of the Elements, Hand of Gul’dan,Corruption,Shadow Bolt, Shadow Bolt, Shadow Bolt, Shadow Bolt, Shadow Bolt

I have Soul Fire on another button slot though as it’s a 2 proc system now.

Hi Guys, please take me out of this misery, ehehhe, nothing is working for me, my play style is a mess, my rotation a chaos, my fingers go searching for spells that I haven’t any more :slight_smile:

And for some reason that macro isn’t working, stops after the curse!

The only alteration I did was to add /startattack before the /castsequence

All the Best :smiley:

Try it this way

/castsequence reset=target Curse of the Elements, Hand of Gul’dan, Corruption,Shadow Bolt, Shadow Bolt, Shadow Bolt, Shadow Bolt, Shadow Bolt


Works for me now. All I did was fix a comma spacing and Hnad of Gul’dan.

Hi Guys,

Many Thanks for the fast help, but … this is not working, stops after the curse, and I don’t understand why!

/castsequence reset=target Curse of the Elements, Hand of Gul’dan, Corruption, Shadow Bolt, Shadow Bolt, Shadow Bolt, Shadow Bolt, Shadow Bolt

Apart from realizing that I need new glasses (and to wear them) this is making me feel kind of … dumb.

Please help me here :slight_smile:


I think we might have to remove Curse of the Elements or reset=target because of the CD to Hand of Gul’Dan. The macro isn’t “spamable”

Hi Guys,

Can someone else try the macro please? I’d like to know if it’s somehow a configuration (talents/glyphs) related problem; because otherwise IMHO it should work.

My Talent Tree is atm: Soul Leech, Mortal Coil, Dark Bargain, Blood Fear and G of Supremacy.

Glyphs: Dark Soul, Imp Swarm, Demon Hunting and Shadow Bolt, Falling Meteor, Unending Breath.

I’m still experimenting eheheh.

The CD of the Hand of Gul’dan alone wouldn’t prevent the macro of being spamable, because it would just pass that step with the annoying “spell is not ready”; wouldn’t it?

In my attempts Hand of Gul’dan is never cast, it just stops after the curse.

All the Best :slight_smile:

I have it working. My only issue with this macro is that it get’s stuck.

/targetenemy [noharm][dead]
/castsequence reset=target Curse of the Elements, Corruption,Shadow Bolt, Shadow Bolt, Shadow Bolt, Shadow Bolt, Shadow Bolt
/cast Hand of Gul’dan

What this will do is cast Hand of Gul’dan every time it’s up. As for Soul Fire that is the issue I’m currently having to get it in a macro. Right now I have it on a separate button.

Guys, parsed through recount, nearly 20% of your DPS comes from 100% up time on Corruption AND Doom. Doom having the longer duration of 60 sec but only cast while in demon form. So ANY peak dps rotation would demand Doom be applied immediately and corruption to be refreshed roughly 3 times as it falls of at 18 seconds.

So, DPS priorities are;

corruption, doom, hand of gul’dan, soul fire at EVERY molten core proc ONLY, shadow bolts for filler.

Bounce demonic power between 800 and 1000, spam touch of chaos as it refreshes corruption. refresh doom before you drop out of demon.


i wouldn’t worry about making a one button macro for demonology, break it up into phases eg; demon or mortal, and go from there.


100% uptime of doom and corruption is not negotiable.



Glyphs in 5.0 are a mixed bag. Few contribute directly to enhancing our DPS.

<strong>Demon Hunting</strong>:     This allows us to off tank ( rather well ).  Which is fun for lolz or for solo but not our job ( as it is a huge DPS loss ), though it may be good to have handy in pugs.  It's a combat stance, <strong><em>Dark Apotheosis</em></strong>.  <em>Touch of Chaos</em> is replaced with <em>Demonic Slash</em> which is melee range and has a 4.5 sec cd not unlike Crusader Strike.  <em>Soul Shatter</em> becomes a taunt, <em>Provocation</em>.   <em>Fear</em> becomes a CC, <em>Sleep</em> and <em>Twilight Ward</em> becomes <em>Fury Ward</em>, our tanking buff.  NO the vengeance doesn't hang around if we revert to demon form or our mortal form.
<strong>Imp Swarm</strong>:     This is worth a slot in so much as it front loads our Imps vs allowing them to build up though realize no Imps will be summoned while swarm is on cool down, so it only gains us about 40 seconds of increased Imp damage.
<strong>Siphon Life</strong>:   Corruption heals for 20 of the damage dealt.  This is a net DPS gain as it allows us to spread corruption for multi target DPS and comfortably Life Tap, which is unavoidable, without breaking rotation.
<strong>Everlasting Affliction</strong>:  This is a DPS loss in single target scenarios but a DPS gain in multi target as we save the GCD for shadow bolt/ touch of chaos


In short you guys can begin to see why macros in Demonology might not be the way to go with regards to rotations. popping CDs, teleporting, casting pets etc would be reasonable though. Affliction spec however is ripe for macros.

if you pvp, a good response to opposing player imminent incoming massive burst is;

dark apotheosis, fury ward, and unending resolve. The net mitigation has allowed me to survive fire/frost mage Alter Time abuse while gaining 8 seconds of uninterrupted casting coming out of the burst. Dont waste them.

note, dark apotheosis is an instant cast but also has a 10 second cool down. So it can be used to duck burst in other pvp conditions, just realize that in pve you gain MASSIVE threat.


Corruption is a big thing for Demo similar by means of Doom. The thing that the recount parses are not telling you is that Corruption and Doom are considered the same spell now with tweaks. You cannot cast Corruption in demon form, you cast Doom. When you make a macro and you put /cast Corruption it will translate automatically to doom when you go into Demon Form. This is intended by Blizzard because Monks use this same system.

As for Hand of Gul’Dan yes you want to use it every time it’s up similar by means of Soul Fire proc. We have mentioned that in previous posts and threads to put Soul Fire on a separate button until we can figure something out to include it in a macro. Right now I, Luis and John are working many different macros for many different specs. It isn’t easy to try to manipulate Blizzards code in favor of ease. We ask for your patience during this.

As for Corruption not being up 100% of the time, it can be. You can manually do it as well, but you can do it with a macro if done correctly. The macros for Warlocks are temporary; they have not been fully worked out yet.


yea the best we can do for hand of gul’dan debuff and demonic power gain ( cant think of the name ) uptime is 40% of the duration of Doom or about 24sec, unless the glyph is taken which removes the 2 charges and also the secondary debuff but retains the instant proc for soul fire. This can then allow Hand of Gul’dan to be weaved in to a reliable macro as an instant at the cost of a glyph slot and the gain in demonic power. Though we gain a steady proc stream. Net gain of demonic power? Dont know yet.

Doom and Corruption are 2 seperate dot and can be up together. The way is to first morph and apply doom, morph again and begin single target rotation using the priorities I listed above.

Recount gives me 2 seperate damage line items, one for each spell, which sums up to 17-20% of total dps if also using a Felguard or the new equivalent.

I wasn’t aware the macro allowed the icon to change with stance, that makes sense. I may have to try that out!

I agree fully on this hence made some fully functional macros to suit.

Meta/doom/cancel meta - hit button 3 times and always use as an opener on boss fights - I really don’t see any sense using it on trash that dies fast.

#showtooltip Metamorphosis
/cast [nochanneling] Metamorphosis
/cast Doom
/cancelaura [channeling] Metamorphosis

This will place you in Metamorphosis form on first button press, second button press will cast Doom and third button press will cancel Metamorphosis form. The whole process takes one second two at most.


This is my main casting macro once Doom,Curse of the Elements and Corruption are up. (Note well that I do these manually as I tried to incorporate them in this macro but they kept overwriting themselves all the time even with reset=300 hence a major mana/dps loss) If anyone can make it so it doesn’t overwrite then feel free to post your method.

/castsequence reset=target Hand of Gul’dan,Fel Flame,Shadow Bolt,Shadow Bolt,Shadow Bolt,Fel Flame
/cast Command Demon

Note only 2 Shadow Bolts are necessary and Fel Flame is a must because this keeps your Corruption up permanently for the duration of the fight. I tried with 3 Shadow Bolts but Hand of Gul’dan was off CD too much. The reason for only 2 Shadow Bolts is because of Molten Core procs which spends time anyway casting Soulfire. I found I was getting enough procs to never have HoG off CD.


As far as a Metamorphosis macro goes I haven’t got there yet but my priorities are

1 Meta macro putting up Doom

2 CoE

3 Corruption

4 Rotation Macro/Soulfire on proc


Hope this helps some of you guys. Oh and by the way Imp Swarm is a dps loss overall unless it is needed for burst in certain situations only. Major glyphs should be Siphon Life and Demon Training and whatever for third slot - I chose Soulstone now it can be used as a brez. Reason I chose Demon Training is because our Wrathguard is huge dps for us and to have 20% extra damage is a huge gain. Only use other pets situationally.


Oh and last but not least a macro for pets CC abilities. Just swap out the ability with whatever or make many macros like this. In this example just swap all the words ‘Mesmerize’ with ‘Banish’ for example and it will work. Pressing alt will clear your focus.

#showtooltip Mesmerize
/clearfocus [modifier:alt]
/focus [@focus,noexists]
/cast [@focus,exists][@target,exists] Mesmerize
/y Casting Mesmerize on %F

thanks Mike!

Nice macros, they work as is.