Dezorans Marksman Hunter

Deleted due to way to much shit talk from people on here now.

hello and thanks for the macro I tested it on the training dummies and it seems to run well, I modified it for mythical plus added explosive firing in the singol /aoe macros and added targetenemy also I removed the various cd (precision/bloody fury/wild breath) from the macro and I made a separate macro to be able to use them together all tester results
aoe dummy = 14-16k dps
singol dummy = 7-8k dps

i would say very good thanks

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whats your item level?

211 spec mm and 210 spec bm

Hi Gamers,
Can you share the profile after your modifications?

@gamers would you share the macro after your modification plz ?

I have only inserted targetenemy in keypress and replaced precison with explosive shot in premacro /sequence stop removed the cds because I use them manually with a separate macro

macro cd
/cast blood rage
/cast precision
/cast [@cursor] wild spirits

Glad it helped :slight_smile: I did some more updates as well to the AO macro which you were referring
to and it helped around 1kdps.
I am ilvl 191 and doing 4.3k single and 8-10k AOE.
But truthfully there isn’t a case where it is 100 percent Single target.
Although I m confused about your line for bloodrage that is a warrior ability.

what dummy are you using…the Raid dummy or what?..and is that with no buffs / food / flask /

Updated to today’s run little bit better DPS

both or just the ST one?

Both have been updated

The Lethal Shots Talent is reasonably competitive, but not worth using in any situation as it has inferior burst and general output to Double Tap.


Can you please post your results from Raidbots the Talent Compare sim between Calling the Shots, Lock and Load and Volley, please? I’m highly interesting in seeing the differences DPS-wise.

Here’s mine:

(I don’t know about anyone else but I’m NOT taking a Talent which results in a lower DPS.)

And the Potency Soulbind Conduit Brutal Projectiles is currently bugged (has been since Beta) and not working as intended. But that was probably overlooked when you simmed the Soulbind Conduits.

How long were you at the raid dummy?

hello I am a hunter 215 ilvl I tested your macro and I do not exceed 4.2k dps I do not understand how gamer arrives at 7k to 8k dps

stat crit26.51% haste 10.67% mastery 14.93% vers 6.85% / 3.42%

here is the link of my raidbot Top Gear - Nykytaa - 5 099 DPS - Raidbots

I can get the same numbers but only for a short burst then settle into 4k ST / 6-7k aoe

not sure how he even came near those numbers unless he was trying single target on the aoe dummies which allowed for Ricochet while fully raid buffed and blowing all their CDs and even then only for 30 sec or so.

I’m personally calling BS on those numbers.

Ya I get around the same No54A2 seems he was not telling the truth but still the numbers We are getting are not bad at all.
I think his numbers might be correct if he is PVPing though.

U can’t cast precision, its a passive ability

Think he is trolling, even his macro doesnt make sense.
You cant cast precision, its a passive ability.

I can get the ST at 4K dps but cant get the AOE at 6-7K dps.
What are your talents and did u change any of the macro?