Dez's BM Hunter 6/6/22

Give this a try and let me know how it works for you all AHK set at (250 for safety I guess).
Been awhile since I last played so trying to get a feel of how it work for others with better gear.

Talents at 3132211


just a heads up about the AHK click rate. There’s a forum post talking about Blizzard, bans, AHK safety, etc. So, most creators now make their macros for 250 ms. There are still those that feel the 250 ms click rate is bogus and that they can still make macros for less than that and be safe. I’m terrible at linking to these types of articles, and TimothyLuke, or Siodar, or others that are good at it will generally back me by linking to them. I suggest trying to find it, and if they link it, please read it. I’d hate for you to get banned for clicking fater than Blizzard has said is acceptible for them.

This is the post that @thezeldrak is mentioning:

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Just to clarify into a shorter post:

  1. NO VALUE IS SAFE. Any use of software or hardware that automated clicking is risking a ban.
  2. THE KEY IS RISK. The faster you go the more risk there is. 4000+ accounts have been banned since 9.0 for auto clicking software or hardware.
  3. Blizzard have not said that 250ms is safe however it is not giving the user an advantage over other users and if used in a way that minimises risk has so far been tolerated if not approved.

Correct. I couldn’t paraphrase all that properly, which is why I knew someone who knew more about it would correct or explain.

I personally stay at 250+, i turn it on and off instead of leaving it continuously running, i also have it bound to my mouse wheel, so i often will scroll the macro as well, making the click rate seem random, since it is lol. I try to be smart about it and use it as little as possible. AHK, that is. I use the mouse wheel macro quite often.

so guys if we want to be 100% sure we have to use gse without any external program (ahk, icue, synapse, logitech, etc etc) just

Yes any third party being used is kind of against their EULA but seeing as AHK and GSE eliminates the need for people that is handicapped IE 1 hand etc… I really dont see their stance on that or they fail to mention how it does help people with disabilities.
If I get banned so be it but they will have to refund a year :slight_smile:

Blizzard don’t have a stance on gamers with disabilities. The Terms of Service and their subsequent posts reiterate the rules. The rule is any use of an external third party tool to automate clicking is against the TOS.

If you want to be 100% safe you need to manually click and not use ahk/synapse/iCue etc. multiboxers tried hardware things with raspberry pi’s emulating multiple keyboards and they were also banned so it’s not just a software thing.

GSE has always been 100% safe as it only uses things that Blizzard says a WoW mod can use and exists solely within the game. But ahk etc are all third party external tools.

I guess punchkey is also counted as third party external tools too right? That is what I use.

Other than @Deezyl_Fizzlepop and @TimothyLuke or any other Mod. ppl need to stop taking over ppl Macro post with this stuff. if you want to talk about it. go make your own post. ppl coming here to keep up with the macro dont need to read through your stuff. i hope one of them will clear this out so its a Dez macro discussion. even this message if they want.

@OriginalDezoran i’m looking forward to trying out your macro soon as i get back on the game. out of town atm.