DH Fellblades/Demon Blades high dps Raid/M+/PVP



Talents: 3331211

This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.6.31.

Macro Version 1

Updated 11/27: Better cast for sinful brand/ Immolation aura, Glaive tempest cast is now more close to cd reset to keep it on cd as much as possible

Hello guys here is my first macro including all rotation plus modifier, you have to use meta on a separate key good results everywhere pvp/pve. I am waiting for raid to maybe try improve it but it should do the job for the raid.

Have fun guys dont forget to give Feedback if i can improve it (this is my first macro)


Thank you for the feedback, eye beam is actually on the alt key modifier but if you want it inside the macro just copy paste the first “no channeling/combat” Line of blade dance and replace blade dance by eye beam and put it just before this blade dance Line

Thank you. Will try this and see how it goes. What MS should it be set at or just use default of 100ms?

I personally run it at 30 ms but you can run it between 20-50ms depends on your game latency or results you have with the macro :slight_smile:

forgive my noobness but for the 30ms are you just spam clicking the button or do you use (& Recommend) an outside source?

I am using the logitech sofware of my mouse to spam it at 30 ms when i press the button and stop spam it when i press it again

Gotcha. Does this add for the Covenant abilities or is that still pressing individually?

The sinful brand covenant ability is in the macro but if you have an other covenant you just have to replace sinful brand with your covenant ability in the macro

Loving this and thank you. Cant wait for any updates. I added the Eye Beam. I think I did the Meta correct to where it with Shift it casts on the player.

If you want i just updated it RN for a better cast of sinful brand, immolation aura and glaive tempest :slight_smile: btw meta is better on cursor, i personnaly use a separate macro on shift: #showtooltip
/cast [@Cursor] Metamorphosis

Is this doing more dmg than the normal Blind Fury build thats listed on wowhead as the best spec ?

I encounter a problem, my chaos strike never launches while my fury is always full

This is the actual best spec for single target

This is not possible you have to do something wrong make sure to run it between 20 and 50 ms maybe

Hi, great macro you have there.
How would one go about and make this macro work by changing the talent Felblade into Blind Fury. I’ve tried editing it but i couldn’t make it work.
Also, my DPS meter gives a very low Chaos Strike feedback, i was wondering why that is? Maybe adjusting the speed of the continuous toggle? my Razer synapse software has it on 0,04s.

I dont know about Razer synapse settings but my macro cast chaos strike only if he its the only thing up on priority list its actually really close to sim, i will not personnally change the macro to match with blind fury since i dont want to play with it but maybe will be an update when m+ is out

I see 2 spells missing from the macro, first is Chaos Nova which I added and works fine, but mainly you have Demon Blades talented but it is nowhere in the macro. So what happens is when you got no fury and nothing else to cast he just autoattacks. Not too sure if I am missing something here, I would either change the talent to something else or put the cast in the macro.

Otherwise a very good macro.

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Its important to have chaos nova on a separate Key so you Can have the stun when you really need it, btw you cant cast demon blades its replacing demon’s bite and just a auto attack proc


Ok I didn’t realise it was a passive, took some notes from here https://www.wowhead.com/spell=203555/demon-blades#comments so assumed it could be put into a macro. As for Chaos Nova you have a good point but nothing hurts me that bad to keep it seperate. I might just mod key it for raids and dungeons.

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Im curious to what mouse you use for this i know you said Logitech any other mouse with programmable ms you’d recommend ??