Divine Retribution // Retribution Paladin 8.3+

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Wow looks insane, i will give it a try these days. And will give u some Feedback!

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Can you help me I’m a beginner

Great macro, been playing around with my paladin for a bit and as much as all the other macros work well, this one is the one I prefer! Why? Well mostly because there is no waste of resources. Other than the occasional “Wake of Ashes”, the macro spends as it goes! At 35ms, on a 395ilvl I burst at 24k dps and settle around 16k (on a 2 minutes single target dummy fight).

Thanks for the good work!

Storage Unable to interpret sequence

I have no clue - post this question in the Discord - #macro_questions section … the link to the Discord channel is : https://discord.gg/V4KEbm

Could u pls tell me where i can put Hammer of Wrath in your macro?

put it first in the sequence

/cast Hammer of Wrath

Loving this one, thank you very much!

It means what you copied and pasted couldn’t be understood. Either you had too many characters or not enough. Note: you should be importing two macros separately from this page.

Love these macros, thanks for posting them. I am having trouble though. The ST one won’t cast Avenging Wrath when I hold shift, and the Multitarget one won’t cast with any of the modifiers. Any ideas?

Check your keybindings for your mods aren’t bound.

i try your macro and i can say that the dps on aoe is extremly good but is lack a lot on single target that make it unavaliable for raids. i understand why you use the fires of justice but this is why you loose a lot from single

taking a look see …

I really like the Macro,

Im still looking for a Macro that uses Execution Sentence and Hammer of Wrath.

Could you maybe make one like that in the futute?

Friendly Regards !

DeadlyData I really like the Macro, Im still looking for a Macro that uses Execution Sentence and Hammer of Wrath. Could you maybe make one like that in the futute? Friendly Regards !


There ya go … that’s a fun build … might change to that … thats for Single-Target - for AOE I wouldn’t change anything just spam Divine Storm over everything else

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That’s awesome.

Thanks for the great work!

Wouldn’t work for me - the macro imports and everything but it doesn’t do anything when i try to use it. Not sure what’s wrong

Every ability except “Judgement” has the modifier [combat] …

Which means you have to be within range of something … it will pull with Judgement then get you into combat which in turn will start the sequences

Assign your opener ability to some key you use frequently and use it to pull mobs to get you into combat

The only thing i can see the macro doing is judgement - after that nothing but white strikes until judgement is off of cooldown. I manually press abilities to try to get the macro started and nothing happens. Shift mod, control mod and alt mod isn’t working either. Seems the only thing that is working is judgement…

silly question but : are you in range of stuff ?