Dragon Flight and GSE

I am making this topic, because every other Macro creator topic or people are making topics asking this over and over, is asking if there will be a GSE update for DF. (Mods, if this is not a good topic or dont want it up. go ahead and lock or delete) Tim does not need the constant whining or begging or “WHY” when he said so so many time in Discord and on here. i know this pops up in the New Topic list we all see. so no one should need to ask again after this. Now on to the post:


I have been extremely consistent in everything I have said relating to Dragon Flight.

  1. I won’t be playing it personally. It doesn’t interest me. WotLK was the most fun I have ever had in WoW and that’s what I will be playing.
  2. GSE depends on a number of libraries. Those libraries are still working through the changes themselves and it will be a couple of weeks before I can assess what that means for GSE.
  3. in its current form there is around 180 hours work for me to update GSE for DF.
  4. GSE’s development is funded by its own Patrons. GSE is not WLM’s mod, it is a mod used by WLM as well as other communities and groups. It will depend on them if it is worth me spending that amount of time on. If they are not playing DF then there is not really an urgency for me to support it.
  5. The time required to update for DF in the way it currently looks would force me to take leave without pay which I simply cannot afford to do as the number of people who actually support GSE equates to enough to pay for my WoW sub and buy a cup of coffee a week.
  6. It may be that DF doesnt launch till December 31 but as they say it will launch then at the latest or sometime before. I don’t know how long we have to get this all done.
  7. There has been an unrealistic expectation that the second Beta hit GSE would be magically ready. While I had alpha access no mods were enabled in alpha and we are still finding out a week later after beta has been available about changes to the API as Blizzard don’t document anything and it has to be found out by trial and error. Also those APIs are still changing daily.
  8. There is the very real likelihood that even after I spend all that time GSE may simply not work or be even possible in Dragonflight.

The TLDR is I don’t know yet if GSE will be possible or what it will look like. There is a lot of unknowns and we don’t have answers yet on how that will wash out. There is between 120 and 180 hours work to update GSE for Dragonflight before I get close to answering those.


Last night I got a prototype of Dragonflight to work. This has been made available to GSE Patrons. There will be a version of GSE for DF available later but at the moment it is available only to them as a thank you for their support.


Wow, Thank you @TimothyLuke. for us that rely on your addon cuz of our physical and mental disabilities, that makes it hard for us to play on a normal scale, this is so good of you to do.


I’ve been a great Fan of your work Sir. I am very appreciate of your hard work and dedication to WLM. Thank you!

Best regards,

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being a player who has been using gse for a long time now, I join both others in the future to patreon thanks tymoti for this super addon keep it up

ok i dont find the patreon gse version

There you go:

ok thanks solved very kind


I apprecaite all your guys hard work, these macros have made it possible for me play to play this last 2years since i been having wrist problems. I thank you all so much.


I admit im not good at this stuff, but i cant find where to DL the beta GSE. i sub to Tim patreon. but not sure where to get the addon.

#GSE Resources
I recommend checking out AND reading all of his channels.

sorry i dont see that in his page. i am going through all his stuff on the site. i probably not see something simple.

oh i see what i missed, his personal Discord. for some reason i kept over looking that.

Tim, thanks for all your hard work. you don’t know how many of us with disabilities you have helped play the game we love over the years. We all appreciate all the hard work you have put into the site and addon. Hopefully, you find time in your schedule to work on GSE for Dragon Flight. Personally, I will sign up for your Patreon because of how much you and your work have helped me over the years. My hope is that many of the people on this site, that have enjoyed Gse will do the same. Keep up the good work. Lewin. :slightly_smiling_face:

could I get your patron link, please. as Id like to support the DF version.


NM found it I just hadn’t scroll down enough :stuck_out_tongue:

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PATIENCE GRASSHOPPER !!! PLEASE!..take a deep breath and just hold it for 5 seconds…

Hi there TimothyLuke, I wish to extend my personal thanks to you for all the hard work you have put into gse and LazyMacros that have been helpful to everyone. I am now a patron for yours and have been eagerly following what you are posting.

I plan on playing DF when it launches. Currently, I have dipped my toes into the very first entry portion for the new Dracthyr, but no further. I do not wish to ruin my experience once DF goes live.

However, I have been playing around with the new updated Bliz UI and such to see what I can actually ditch from my addons list…which of course does not include gse/LazyMacros…that one is way too important to me.

Like many have said, those of us with some form of difficulty playing with any physical and/or visual impairment, your work has been a Godsend. I am an old woman who loves these games. We did not even have internet or pcs, let alone smart phones, when I was young. Think >> Lily Tomlin’s sketch of the switchboard operator << and you can get an idea how old I am. :rofl:

Without your work I would not be able to participate with my guild in the raids and other events we do. I am so looking forward to be able to use the new gse/LazyMacros setup in DF so that I may continue to raid with my guild.

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Thank you. I will gladly support your work. Im not seeing myself play wow without GSE macro’s, it’s too hard without :).

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Not really, but I agree with your on this perspective. It’s make lots easier for most of players to save some buttons on their interface pannel. Back in the days, we used the addon called Macro Tool Kit which allowed you to extent up to 250 characters for a single macro. Anyway, Timothy revolutionized GSE into a Perfect Tool for everyone to leverage and use it for the purpose of either support their disabilities situation or something else.

Always been a supporter of GSE and so on. God Bless everyone!

Best regards,

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Hey Siodar,

Where did you find GSE Beta for DL. I’m on not good at this like you.