Dragonflight Pally Tank Updated 25.03.23 for 10.0.7

So I’ve had some requests to update my protection Paladin macro for Dragonflight. Its been a long time since I posted and there has been quite a bit of changes to the GSE addon and the game since then, so I pretty much made the macro from scratch with the new addon update and Dragonflights release.

Feel free to change the talents of course and let me know if you would like any revisions with new talents or setups. The macro is nothing special like my old ones with alot of different version because I really dont use other setups and some talents are hard to macro (Seraphim) unless you use modifier keys.

Normal rotation with @mouseover Word of Glory on a modifier key to help support the party




25.03.23- Talents and macro edited. ^ Im not super satisfied with the new talent system but managed to grab some things that I think are good, while not sacrificing too much.

Edit: Please skim through all the replies below, I have responded to all questions and concerns, and posted some macro edits for people.


What kind of content are you doing with this? I have a pally that I want to give some love to.

I don’t have much time to play WoW as I once did, so i only do LFR and M+. Ive done up to a 12 key no problem, and lower you can really put out the healing if your healer is having trouble for whatever reason. It is mostly focused on the Shield of the Righteous AoE damage with the talents provided in the macro. you can go more tanky if you like but you will likely be nerfing your SotR AoE damage a bit. I left it with these talents to put out more damage on the dungeon pulls (mostly AoE).

Check it out/ test it and let me know what you think and if you would need any changes for your play style.

Forsure! Paladin has a really special place in my heart so I would be happy to try out! I gotta level her BUT tank go brrr

Ok so im up to doing +10’s at 361 ilvl with this, yeah, this is good :slight_smile:

What are the talents for this? I’m sorry if I missed it, but I don’t see it anywhere.

Listed in the macro:)

As Undeadjack 12 said, the talents are listed in the macro, I also just posted them up top if you still need them.

I’m blind. Thank you.

Wanted to report back with more updates, now have done a 16 with this macro at 380ilvl with 150 ms razer

Thats awesome, thanks for the update. I tried to get into higher level keys before but no one takes someone with a low rating so I stopped around 11 or 12. Im glad it carries you into higher key no problem.

Dude, form your own keys. Tired of hearing people say no one takes with low rating. Do something about it. You’re a tank.

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that only works if ppl want to join you. i have spent hours sometime, putting my own key up and not have a full group made.

but it still sound advice.

You are 100% right but I just dont have the motivation for it. I just want to join a key that only need a tank and go. It is fine ive accepted that and im cool with it. I really dont enjoy M+ but im happy that the macro is working great in higher keys.


what talent are you using? is it still the same one on top?

is it possible if you can add modifiers like shift for Divine Toll? or Alt on Wings? something like that?

Sure thing, just let me know what you would like on which key and I can edit it for you if you still need.

Im still using the same talents yeah, It focuses a bit on AoE firpower but mostly on defense. I had straight defense but decided to help a bit with dps.

I tried all the protection paladin macros that are currently up for Dragonflight, and this macro showed the best efficiency. In particular, I also operated the Mythic plus 16+, but there was no problem at all. Thanks Buenor and I expect your revised version of the macro for 10.0.7 also.

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Just got on and noticed talents were reset doue to changes. Wasnt aware of prot talents changing. Is there anything new we should be taking?

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Does anyone have current talents for me? :slight_smile:

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how do i put in talnt tree with code?