Dragonflight Season 2 M+/PvP Discipline

that is correct, i do not use renew, it is not worth it

do we use it in raids?

You can try, but i wouldn’t.

Discipline healing in raids requires extremely solid “ramp” to be effective and there is no reason to do that when Holy can effortlessly generate more throughput. check out my Holy macro that has a M+ and Raid build.

Just wanna let you know @evox288 that this macro in PvP is a monster even for a Disc noob as i am. I did take out all mods in macro and manage that on my own way but its so damn good and easy to use.
Disc Prays for you and i hope all having a blast as i am :slight_smile:

Best regards

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Hey Evox, first of all i have tried your macro and its great been running some keys. I just wanna how’s your setup in your UI especially on your party frames? Sometime i keep on forgetting my mouse is on the player’s character, any technique you are doing? because i am almost Oom’ng myself haha. Thanks!

i never really thought about where my mouse was, and it turns out you cannot take a screenshot of your cursor. so i made this handy dandy drawing.

i put my party frames under my cast bar, and i usually keep my mouse in the red circle.


ohh yeah, thats what i am thinking also before reset today, my party frames is vertically position on the right side of my UI. yeah i think this will be better if i put it below my screen. Thank you for you reply! More power to you!

Where is your shadow priest macro? I swore I have seen one from you.

they had it deleted cuz of the trolling that was being done.

i was starting to receive nasty messages on here and in game from some of the forum members so the mods agreed to remove my post. I think it is best for my mental health to not post my macros any more.

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thats a shame is there any way i can show u support for ur amazing macros?

well i don’t have an Onlyfans or anything so don’t worry about it.

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lol, darn it, your character needs one. lol jk

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