Dragonflight Season 2 M+/PvP Discipline

Hello Disc priests,

Here is my Disc macro for M+ and PvP. I have tinkered with my Discipline sequence all season 1 and have successfully healed all 20’s using this macro and its now ready for 10.1 and season 2 of Dragonflight. These have served me well but i welcome your questions and criticisms. See you in season 2.



This macro contains 2 macro templates. This Sequence was exported from GSE 3.1.32.

  • The Default macro template is 1
  • PVP uses template 2

Here is my M+ build using macro version 1. If you prefer, you can swap out for Squid build without issue.

Here is my PvP Build using macro version 2.

Macro Speed: 30ms
Set focus to Power Infusion target if you are using “Twins of the Sun Priestess” talent.
The macro will automatically target and attack enemies. To heal, you simply mouse over a friendly target to Shield or Flash Heal and apply atonement and/or top people off. Once you are no longer mousing over a friendly target, you will go back into your DPS rotation.
If the whole party is taking damage, holding shift will cast Power Word: Radiance and quickly spread atonement to the entire team. If only one member of your party is rapidly falling, you can hold shift and mouse over them to cast Power Word: Life.

nomod - full DPS rotation
nomod,@mouseover,help - Power Word: Shield and Flash Heal

mod:shift - Power Word: Radiance
mod:shift,@mouseover,help - Power Word: Life

That is it for the basic macro. Now comes the difficult part, the Utility. while this appears simple, it will take some time to get used to. Please don’t feel overwhelmed by this, just take what seems easy, and come back for the rest once you have run a few dungeons. These modifiers will be waiting for you when you are ready.

mod:alt,@mouseover,harm - Dispel Magic
mod:alt,@mouseover,help - Purify

SHIFT & ALT (hold both down)
mod:shift,mod:alt - Desperate Prayer
mod:shift,mod:alt,@mouseover,help - Pain supression

mod:ctrl,@cursor - Mass Dispel

EDIT 5/4/2023 - Updated macro and build for 10.1
EDIT 5/12/2023 - Divine Star and Halo are working in GSE again


Ok will do, anyone overwhelmed by the modifier combinations, simply ignore ALT, SHIFT&ALT, and CTRL for now and come back for the rest later. just set your focus as the player you want to use Power Infusion on, and remember that Shift is your “oh shit!” button. TY

Works quite well. Only thing bothering me, but that’s just me, mouseover spot healing doesnt work without a target. Thank you for your work and please keep it up.

here is one of the block actions.
/castsequence [nochanneling,nomod,@mouseover,help,nodead] Flash Heal; [nochanneling,nomod,combat] Shadowfiend
the only requirement to cast flash heal is that you mouse over a friendly target that is not dead.

i have a suspicion that you have the “Require Target to use” setting checked in GSE settings

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I did! Thanks for poining it out.
Do you have, by any chance a Squid specc Disc macro as well?

works find or me, so i’d say yes ur settings :wink:

so good news, Shadowfiend and Mindbender are the same spell in GSE. so you can easily go with the squid build and the macro will handle it just fine.

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you posted this in the wrong class and spec. repost in there please.

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This is just perfect, rly thx!

I just jumped back into Priest for the first time since Legion. I only tested this out a little bit, not as much as the Holy and Shadow macros. However, it performed very well for my testing and I like the similarities that you have built in for all three specs. I haven’t done anything challenging yet, but so far they are quite smooth. Thank you for all your hard work!

Discipline Talents @4/26/2023


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all three macros are very similar. i have stumbled on a format that i like and it has not failed me yet. It seems to me that the community thinks making a sequence is complicated when really that is just making a list of the things you want to do. the real complexity, and the thing that makes the macros truly useful, is the conditionals (@mouseover, mod:shift, combat…). i have tinkered with the conditionals and picked exactly when I want my abilities to fire.
unfortunately, this also means that my macros are SOOOO specific to my play style. so hopefully they are user friendly for others. Cheers.

Hi, is there a update of your great macro? I use it all the time ,then it still stop working. Maybe u have a copy protection implementet , but for my client language i have to translate some things. I would be glad to get a Answer. Again, compliment for the macro!

Evox can u please do an updated version based on Icyvains Talent tree? the synergy they have are awesome

also for an unknown reason some of the Mods keys are not working for me not all but some

My macro should handle all Disc tree builds except for Light’s Wrath. so you can use whatever build you want. i do not plan to reupload my macro for other peoples play style. i encourage you to tinker with it to better fit your talents and play style.

i am currently running 15’s using this exact macro and all the modifiers are working for me. if you can figure out how, you can message me in game and i will help you troubleshoot. but i suspect that you are not being as accurate with your mouse as you need to be for some of the modifiers, just something to think about.

thank you for your kind words. i am not sure what has happened with your version of the macro but i recommend you google how to clear your cache and uninstal/reinstall GSE. the macro has continued to function for me so i am not aware of any issues.

ik do run it on 0.035 for razer is that good?
i can see the icon bnut it dsnt cast it when i press the mod

all thew mouseover mods are notcasting for me this is what i am trying to say sorry :stuck_out_tongue:

Fixed it XD
Thanks anyway

you should probably post what your issue was so that anyone else having the same problem can see it

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Yeap Right i was clicking the mods but didnt work,
Solution : GSE options it was they Key Down for skill use changed to Skill up.

Btw renew is not in ur macro right? or am i wrong -

Overall Great Macro !!