Dragonflight Season 2 M+/PvP Discipline

hi borland, is the macro on the OP is still working for 10.1.7? or do you have a new macro as well for M+ usage? Thank you

Hi Zuiki. Yes it is still working for 10.1.7. I dont play M+ at all so i really dont know if it will work for M+.
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thank you! ill try it out before the season ends. it seems nobody is creating some new macro’s hehe

This Macro works pretty great for me so far in 10.2, but the only issue I am having is it keeps randomly casting Purge the Wicked, whether Im using the macro on the same target or a new one.

hey rebel, what talents are you using for this? i haven’t tried it out yet, cause im waiting for the updated one. but ill try it out today thou.

last time i talked to Evox288. he was saying he was gonna stop posting macros and updates. i hope he has changed his mind and will come back.


sad, i hope he comes back, im using this macro to reach high IO. hope he comes back @siodar.

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on youre tweaked one, do i need to set thoose lines also under variable utility to get them work?
/cast [nochanneling,nomod,@mouseover,help,nodead] Flash Heal; [nochanneling,nomod] mindgames

/cast [nochanneling,nomod,@mouseover,help,nodead] peanance; [nochanneling,nomod,combat] Dark Archangel

because flash heal works, but mindgames never get out, and the pvp talents also wont work actually, or do i need to add youre lines into template 2 of the original one?

I can look when i get home. Havent played this for a long time.
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Ok, actually i dont use that specific one in this thread anymore. But to explain macro. Flash Heal goes off when you have your mouse over a character or frame, Mindgames goes of if you have your mouse away from any characters or frames.
It can be really tricky to get this mouseover work really good and it needs 100% controle of your mouse pointer :slight_smile:
But i have this atm, last time i used it is about 1 month ago i think so test and see if this works for you. Its pvp only.


Usage Information


This macro contains 1 macro template. This Sequence was exported from GSE 3.1.54-PatronBuild.


thank you for reupload, y i think, i figgured out, in the nwe one mindgames is listed as a single spell, not in the line with flashheal or what it was ^^ but im testing it on a pvp dummy, could it be if i say, default template is 2 and template 4 pvp that it still takes the template 2 out of pvp games?^^ if y i figgured out why ^^ but y this seems to be a bit smoother to me, the last spell was just numbers, i think it was schism right? cause its skilled but not taken by the spellname ^^

Template4? There is only 1 template in the macro.
Schism is in macro yes
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ye booth from you got into the “dicipline” one here on top, now its 4 in this macro thats why ^^

Aha. Just delete macro and import again.
But last one should be the 4rh one :slight_smile:

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do you still update youre macro here?
do you think it would be possible to add the inner light pvp talent into it, and maybe shadow covenant into the pve m+ template to get a better flow between spells?

maybe its just me but sometiomes ill spam and it just stand still until 1 cast is viable to cast ^^ with shadow covenant would be a few more optiuons i think, also for the ramp heal :slight_smile:

but i like it, just need to tweak it a bit for me if i dont mess it up again :smiley:

never mind, now it works like it should :slight_smile: dunno why shadowfient, schism, fient, and cds go out when i tryed before this post :smiley:

Just wanted to post that your macro is great. I incorporated some of the ideas into my Holy Pally macro. I still use an edited version of this when I lose my mind and decide to heal on my disc priest… I dont really like healing, but this macro makes it tolerable. LOL.

Just wanted to say AWESOME WORK!


OAK, any chance you share you version of the holy pally? I am struggling with my pally and I love your macros, I can only heals using your guys macros so would be awesome if you can share? I will try this one here too for Disc Priest as well (sometimes I also go crazy trying to heal lol).

Oak if you do want to share. please make your own thread and post it there. dont need to put something not related to Evox288 macro in here. lol :slight_smile:

It hasn’t been updated in a while, and I haven’t played Holy at all this season. But it’s likely it still works…

My Holy Pally macro can be found HERE:

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