DV8 DH Havoc 4.1

Hey folks,

I’ve had a few people approach me since I’ve returned to playing World of Warcraft to ask if I still use my previous macro(s). The short answer is, yes, I do. However, I did make some adjustments as I haven’t played since, well… the beginning of BoD and it required some updates. So, I figured I would share this update with you all.

Please note: I did not, and will not, include the following abilities as they’re, imo, highly situational and best used when bound to a hotkey:

- Eye Beam
- Throw Glaive
- Chaos Nova

You will also need to add /cast [nochanneling,combat] Heart Essence to the beginning of your sequence if you prefer to include your on-use essence. I use mine manually, so I didn’t include it.

I currently use the following talents: 2 3 1 1 2 1 1

Azerite choices are based around the top performing traits which can be found here .

Trinket selection for 8.3 can also be found here . As always, I highly suggest using Raidbots, SimC, and the AMR in-game addon to sim what setup works for you in terms of gear combinations, stat weights, gems, enchants, etc.

I have not added support for Fel Blade as my gear is still behind the curve and I have no intentions of using this talent until my gear can support it with Demon Blades. When I do, however, I will update my macro accordingly.

You are welcome to make adjustments based on your needs, but please do not PM asking for me to make adjustments to include them. There are plenty of resources available on WLM which will show you how you can make additions to existing macros on your own.

Any other questions - feel free to ask below. Enjoy!


Usage Information

  • DV8-DH-Havoc v4.1 for Raiding and Mytic+
    I run this macro at 30ms with my Razer set up.

  • Press ALT for Eye Beam

  • Press Shift (You can add whatever ability to this - I use Fel Barrage and Chaos Nova)

    This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.5.9.

Macro Version 1

Step Function: Priority

KeyPress: Chaos Nova, Eye Beam

Main Sequence: Blade Dance, Heart Essence, Immolation Aura, Demon’s Bite, Chaos Strike


Updated to version 4.0.1

  • Fixed minor issue with Inner Loop Limit
  • Improved Chaos Strike usage with Demonic Appetite

Note: Now that I have resumed raiding, and can run my macro in a raid environment, you will be seeing minor bug fixes and tweeks as they arise.

I modified your new macro yesterday and used it for reclearing Mythic Ny’alotha. Ran pretty smooth once I found the correct MS that works for me. I don’t want to post it as my macro since it’s a modified version of yours, so I thought I’d share it here.


What ms do u run the mod macro?
And what do u mod?

30ms and I mod EB on Alt and Consume Magic/Imprison on Shift. Nova on CTRL.

Good job! I’ll test it out later today. :slight_smile:

What ms did you find works best for you?

I run mine at 30ms. Basically the same as my server latency.

I ran it at 35ms. Typically, my latency is around 32-37ms.

I have a question, but the speed “ms” must be set to the current speed of the server that is if I have 35 ms in play I must set 35 ms in the mouse.

could someone please answer that?

Sì, sei bravo in 35ms. Prova anche 30 e 40, ma 35 dovrebbero adattarsi

(35 ms should work. Try 30 and 40, but 35 should work well)

ok I’m running at 40 ms, but my question was I manually press the macro button set to 40 ms is good or ? because if I put it automized it seems that at 40 ms it goes at the speed of light.

You set it so that if you hold down the button the macro will continue to run in a loop at 40ms. When you release the button, the action ends.

Updated to version 4.0.2

  • Further improved Chaos Strike usage with Demonic Appetite
  • Improved Blade Dance usage

Note: I’ve noticed a minor DPS increase with this update. Hopefully it works well for others. Enjoy!

hello macro fantastic is really fine, I could tell myself where I could put eye ray in macros but I would like to activate itself as it is part of the fixed rotation always

Add /cast [combat,nochanneling] Eye Beam to your sequence.

I don’t recommend adding it, as I’ve said above, but that’s your decision.

Hey just did a test and thought I’d share some results, here is my talents + azerite + essences.

MS set to = 20 - In game MS was (13 Home - 13 World)

Worth noting I didn’t cast glaive or Chaos nova just manually cast Eye Beam + On use Wrist + Essence everything else was just scroll wheel macro use.

DV8 DH Havoc 4.0.2 - 7 Minute Test.

Details!: Damage Done for Current [7:15 EF]

  1. Gahzdh … 26.58M (61.7k, 100.0%)

Details!: Gahzdh - Damage Done for Eye of Corruption [7:15 EF]

  1. Lethal Strikes: 3.72M (14.0%)
  2. Melee: 2.77M (10.4%)
  3. Annihilation: 2.73M (10.2%)
  4. Death Sweep: 2.43M (9.1%)
  5. Reaping Flames: 1.79M (6.7%)
  6. Chaos Strike: 1.66M (6.3%)
  7. Mind Flay: 1.57M (5.9%)
  8. Trail of Ruin: 1.56M (5.9%)
  9. Demon’s Bite: 1.46M (5.5%)
  10. Eye Beam: 1.35M (5.1%)
  11. Ancient Flame: 1.20M (4.5%)
  12. Vile Bile: 1.18M (4.4%)
  13. Blade Dance: 727K (2.7%)
  14. Immolation Aura: 673K (2.5%)
  15. Echoing Void: 599K (2.3%)
  16. Gutripper: 559K (2.1%)
  17. Electrostatic Induction: 414K (1.6%)
  18. Immolation Aura: 169K (0.6%)
  19. Metamorphosis: 26.0K (0.1%)

That’s not bad considering you sim at 71k.

Without the ability to add logic to a macro - it’s near improssible get exactly what you sim.

Doesn’t mean we can’t try, though!

Hello I have:
36 ms local
41 ms realm
how much do I have to set it then?

Yeah not bad at all it was nice to not have to worry about Eye beam I just used it on my normal bind and it felt very smooth.

DV8, do you have an issue with your macro where it pauses? I feel like it’s happening because of the Chaos Strike, Blade Dance sequence then right below is another Blade Dance. Just curious if anyone else is noticing the pause before Demon’s Bite goes out.