Easiest/best performing tank class for mascro's?

Hello all,

I was wondering if anyone knows wich tank specc is the best/easiest to use lazy macro’s for.
Also with mitigation in it.

Out of these 3:
Veng DH
Guardian Druid
Brewmaster Monk

Paladin tanks have the upper hand in this patch

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@Zeekerous They are all pretty good, but community wise, BladePro has an exceptional Veng DH macro that I use personally and doing great! Also, he’s been playing Veng DH for 2 xpac and is on top of his macro!
BladePro Presents “SPANKING & TANKING” FOR M+ - Demon Hunter / Vengeance - WoW Lazy Macros


Thanks for the reply:) is brewmaster also a good tank with the use of macro’s? Cuz the mitigation is woven into the roation already?

Blood DK is doing well with macro but is not the best tank in SL. Monk I tested myself and works really well almost 1button :slight_smile:

Try VDH. Macros work fine

Thanks for the replys. The only problem ive got with VDH macro is that demon spikes is firing of also constantly. So you always have 0 charges remaining. Eo you guys use demon spikes manually for example?

@Zeekerous I don’t, but that’s cause I’m lazy AF when I’m tanking… You could remove the Demon Spike line and put it on a modifier (shift, ctrl or alt your choice) so that you can use it when you want.

/cast [mod:shift] Demon Spike

Alright thanks for the info already. Is guardian druid also good with macro’s? Like with mitigation in it and manually click frenzied regen. For example