BladePro Presents "SPANKING & TANKING" FOR M+

Created new topic with updated macro for SL keys!


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Usage Information

Version 1 is NO Covenant + Spirit Bomb
Version 2 is NO Covenant + NO Spirit Bomb
Version 3 is Covenant Ability (Elysian Decree) + Spirit Bomb
Version 4 is Covenant Ability (Elysian Decree) + NO Spirit Bomb

This macro contains 4 macro versions. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.6.33.


Awesome as always but what MS are you using?

Around 10ms - 30ms is best

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The Level 40 Talent - you have it set for Sigil of Chains.
This ability is not in either of your versions of this macro.
Should this be used on it’s own?
New to tanking on my DH. Thanks

@BladePro try to us it and nothing happens … any adwise ?

The abilities you need to manually cast to optimize your performance:
Chains, Silence, Misery, Infernal strike, Disrupt, Throw Glaives, Consume Magic, Meta, Torment and Imprison. Everything else is in the macro.

I imported this, but it’s showing me Havoc abilities. Is there a reason for that?
Thank you

I think this is some sort of bug in gse. If you import this, then change the ‘spec’ dropdown to something else and save, then go back in and change back to veng and save, it should be good. I vaugely remember someone else saying soemthing similar

So for a spirit bomb build, it RARELY EVER uses it.

Mine uses it all the time. I know this because I use the addon called “Details”. It’s a damage meter that gives really detailed data on what you use.

Perhaps your speed is too high on your clicks

You have to set it to default version 1 for it to use spiritbomb.

Im getting fury cap with the v1 version (Spirit bomb) running 20ms, i dont know why :S

dont work for me. can you share your macro ?

so there is some bug where it is saying havoc abilities in the macro: after playing with it for a bit i got it to show only veng abilities but then if i mess with any settings it switches back to saying some havoc abilities not sure what the issue is

where is version 2…?

This is great, thanks for macro. I used it in BfA and loved it. Is version 1 viable for leveling? Assuming it is. I haven’t started leveling my tank yet but planning to soon. Also, I’m curious what Daddytank decided on for a covenant.

Used version 1 for leveling all the way through. Im not sure if its faster, but you never die and you can pull like crazy.

Type /gse and select the macro of choice, on the first page there is a dropdown menu to choose which versions you want to use.

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This used to be my favorite but it no longer seems to work at all for me since the last GSE patch. Deleted the old macro and reloaded but no luck.

hi guys, anyone know how i can best add elysian decree into the macro , so its @player i know the actual macro command just unsure of the best place to put the line