Elf Improved DF Update Macro - Cleave Style

So I figured out where to load the talent code but the issue that I am having is that when I load it, it wants me to add points. My mage is 61 at the moment, I don’t know where to put the point into, am I missing something or just really stupid?

Hi @Tirgarde

Welcome back to the site, I have not updated my Mage yet due to real-life issues at the moment (work-related).

The build I built is the Ignite Cleave build and you can find the exact talents on WoWHead’s Mage Guide, just look for the Ignite Cleave talents and you should be good to go.

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Thank you. I’m trying to remember to stay more active here.

Sorry to hear about IRL stuff, I hope they get sorted soon and you can play again :slight_smile:
Thank you for responding to me, I will look that up. :slight_smile:

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Just fyi for people i used this macro to level my mage from 60-70 with crap gear.

Trying to figure out a rotation and macro for arcane and frost now.

Frost, is a very simple rotation but does require the use of modifier keys for FoF and Brain Freeze. There is supposed to be a build that does not use modifiers much though, but I haven’t tested it yet.

Im assuming blizzard would probably need to be on modifier too

LOL, they need help…I do wish they would fire Ion.

Your talents are not for lev70, i tried the macro but it seems my dps on the dummy is not that high,… 30k :frowning: with ilev390

what where the rest talents? i tried on the dummy and the numbers where not good

you do realize you’re posting in a 2-3 month old thread right?

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Yes :, the issue is that there is no newer topic :wink:

lol, so gonna take the question about the talents as “does anybody have updated talents?”

Expect Moon will get back to this macro someday. i see they are more into some other classes right now.
Til then you might need to figure out what works best for you, or maybe see if WoWhead talents will be good with the macro. i hope this helps some.

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I would use WoWHead and look at the M+ ones. The spec is working fine, just need new talents. I would venture to look at the Ignite build, as that is what this build was originally based on but it might not be as good as the Flamestrike build as it’s being promoted. If you want an easy build use the Ignite build it works best in raiding but also in M+.

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Thanks for your reply what is your ilev on the dummy what is the dps output?

I’m not 70 yet, but at 65 I’m doing 13-15k on a dummy. I didn’t make any changes to the macro so far and its been running fine.

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You are using 250ms? autokey or keyboard?

I never use AHK, see my other posts on that. I use 100 ms, most everyone here knows what I build, that’s why there is usually no point to create the same heading in other posts.

I use hardware emulation, from iCUE, which I have it set to 100 ms on both catch and release.

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iCue needs a Corair keyboard also or can be installed and work with a razer one?

iCUE only works with Corsair, if you have a Razer, you need to use their software.

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Thanks indeed used the synapse. What ms are usually safe?