Elfyau's 8.3 Fury Warrior Macro **Updated 19-June-20**

I see Siegebreaker in the suggested talent choice, but it’s not written into the macro? Hold it on a single key ?

Try doing this :slight_smile: let me know how you go

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Should be there in post macro…

hey, i’m new to wow and to this site… but how do i use the macro? it’s just a text, where do i put it in wow?

@Wraed There are more detailed guides on this site to describe how to use it, but basically you download the addons GSE and in there you import the rotation! Good luck!

Btw thanks @Elfyau for the great routine, respect all you creators and sharers!


Have made a 2 button alternative to this macro here: [Elfyau's AOE/ST Fury Warror - #2 by Burdiculous]

P.S. Don’t forget to follow me on twitch: Twitch All the toons you see use GSE!!!

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hello i can’t import this macro i keep getting an error saying i need to update GSE to 2403 but i am on 2403 so i don’t know what else to do…can anyone help me please?

The only thing I can think of is to uninstall the addon and reinstall it

GSE gets a little moody if you have 100+ macros (across ALL toons). I had similar issues and then went back and deleted all my alt macros and extra main macros that I wasnt using and it started working fine afterwards.

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All I see is this, where is the actual line info for the macro? just wondering. I’m new at this, be kind.

You copy that then open gse in game click import and paste that into the import window :slight_smile:

will actually try this again later on and i can give u some good feedback

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That would be awesome tyvm :smiley:

some things i could see become a problem/issue is cds being out of sync or rage being over capped etc due to the trait cold steel hot blood and ur bloodthirst critting or not but ill try later when i get done farming some things on alts

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Hi Elfyau

First time user for this macro and love it, though is the charge to next mob a bit annoying, could this be removed for macro, if so would it have consequence for the rest of the macro ?

nope not at all m8 feel free to remove it :smiley:


what PVP talents would you recommend?

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Sorry I don’t PVP I would recommend looking at icy veins. IF I PvP at all I usually go with passives lol

New updated macro: the new macro is in the original post! Feedback is always welcome!! Cheers!


What are the new implementations @Elfyau ?