Elfyau's 8.3 Fury Warrior Macro **Updated 19-June-20**

Check to see if your trinket is target location if it is uncheck that trinket

thanks for this! quick question should i run this at 80ms? if have it macrod to my keyboard?

try 70ms first then adjust if it doesn’t feel like it is smooth for you

awesome thank you, i will give this a shot! one last thing… is there a way to suppress things like “still recharging” – " i cannot use that item yet" ??

sadly there is no way removing that message as far as I know

working really good. tested it by killing rares in broken shore had no problems. was getting 12k dps. i am iteam level 386. Also ran around did little world pvp and was able to get a few level 120 killls. I am running logitech speed 80

What would be the best way to split out the AOE code to a 2nd macro?

make a copy of the macro for

AOE remove the code mod:shift
ST : remove the line of code for dragon roar also change this:
/castsequence [mod:shift] Whirlwind, Bloodthirst, Whirlwind, Raging Blow; Bloodthirst, Raging Blow
to this:
/castsequence Bloodthirst, Raging Blow

Do anyone use Mr Robot for gear/spec/Azerite set up? Ask Mr. Robot

I’m torn on “Alternate Set Ups”. They suggest Cold Steel over Reckless Flurry, yet sites like Icy Veins suggest stacking Reckless Flurry.

I use both as a basis but find quite often the “elite” traits do not work well with a macro so then test until I fins one that works

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I use AMR. more for the ease and addon , thing about sites like icey veins you have to remember its all down to the writers opinion at the end of the day and your results may differ. they are a good starting point, but sometimes you end up veering off the path the deeper you dive into your own character. best is to sim both options and see what works best for you.

also some macros perform better with unique talent setups. which is why macro feedback telling me i should use this talent over others because the internet says so grinds my gears. as 9 times out of 10 ive started with the “cookie cutter” but found a better setup that works with the macro and yields higher performance.

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Since I posted I just straight played it out. Both seem to be darn similar in dps - Cold Steel specs (crit based) seem to be more front loaded, where Reckless Flurry (haste based) felt geared to ST or boss fights with an even power band. Appreciate the feedback. I’m pretty sure I used the John Metz macro up until I started experimenting with Elfys.

Hey steven i love this macro, im not good at making these, but can you help me make it so i can have the aoe as a seperate button instead of holding shift? :slight_smile:

I see Siegebreaker in the suggested talent choice, but it’s not written into the macro? Hold it on a single key ?

Try doing this :slight_smile: let me know how you go

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Should be there in post macro…

hey, i’m new to wow and to this site… but how do i use the macro? it’s just a text, where do i put it in wow?

@Wraed There are more detailed guides on this site to describe how to use it, but basically you download the addons GSE and in there you import the rotation! Good luck!

Btw thanks @Elfyau for the great routine, respect all you creators and sharers!


Have made a 2 button alternative to this macro here: [Elfyau's AOE/ST Fury Warror - #2 by Burdiculous]

P.S. Don’t forget to follow me on twitch: Twitch All the toons you see use GSE!!!

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hello i can’t import this macro i keep getting an error saying i need to update GSE to 2403 but i am on 2403 so i don’t know what else to do…can anyone help me please?