Elfyau's 8.3 Vengeance DH Macro **Updated 18-April-20**

Updated this macro for 8.3 changes to both talents and rotation, I would love to hear some feedback on this macro!!

Run @70ms
TALENTS:- 1213111
SHIFT: @player Infernal Strike
ALT: Metamorphosis

Talents 1213111

This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.5.5.

Macro Version 1

Step Function: Priority

Pre Macro: Fiery Brand, Sigil of Silence, Sigil of Flame, Demon Spikes, Immolation Aura, Soul Cleave, Sigil of Misery, Consume Magic, Shear

KeyPress: Throw Glaive, Infernal Strike, Metamorphosis

Main Sequence: Fiery Brand, Heart Essence, Sigil of Silence, Sigil of Flame, Consume Magic, Immolation Aura, Soul Cleave, Sigil of Misery, Demon Spikes, Shear

Post Macro: Fiery Brand, Sigil of Silence, Sigil of Flame, Demon Spikes, Immolation Aura, Soul Cleave, Sigil of Misery, Consume Magic, Shear

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What MS do you use this at?

I use it @70ms start there and see how you go

Thank you for the quick reply.

no problem at all :slight_smile: I hope you like it!

My game is in portuguese language ( pt-br ), I manually changed skill names from english to portuguese. Just wanna know why i had to do this in this macro while other classes macros were already in portuguese?

To be honest I don’t know why that happened, it should have behaved just like the rest :frowning:

Updated :smiley: hopefully it works well! New macro in original post, would love to hear some player feedback!

your macro could be cleaned up a bit. the silence/fear sigils should not be in the macro. i use them for CC when needed. once the macro is cleaned up it be a great macro. also the brand fiery does not need to be a “@target

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Thank you for the feedback I will have a look at that next I look it up :smiley: cheers!

just curious, has this been cleaned up yet per @vynivas suggestions?

Sadly no, been busy :frowning: I have run 9-10’s with it though

Really sick macro bro way better than the shit i’v been running :slight_smile:

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lol thank you @Drunkelf :slight_smile:

Great macro, been running it for a couple of months - Slowly made a few changes but I can’t remember what they are (just cleaning up mostly, removing silence/fear etc) and frequently run 15+ keys with no problems at all - The only limitations I have are my own skill with pathing etc. Probably helps that I run TD4 though, and as soon as my resistance is high enough I have TD6 (actually TD7) sat in my bags waiting to go. A*

@Ovenproofpanda Thank you!! :smiley:

what do you mean run @70ms?

here @Nemo check this post out: What is MS and how can I change it? Answered (With working AHK script you can use with Modifiers) I hope it helps :smiley:

I’ve pulled the old dh out of the closet and dusted him off to test this for @Elfyau. Ilvl 439 just from old eternal palace gear. Yep havent played him sense then lmao.

World questing ran just fine no hiccups. Ran a mythic 5 on him. Had to remove misery and the other sigil, caused issues.

Meta modifier would not fire off for me. I checked bindings and all good. Sitting here thinking I didn’t check the spelling of meta maybe thats it.

For me this macro is running a lot smoother then blades, I assuming its probably gear i don’t know.

sadly gear and azerite traits make a world of difference