Elfyau's Blood DK 8.3 Macro **Updated 12-Apr-20**

As per some requests (and me finally getting back to this spec), I have updated the blood DK macro to better suit the 8.3 environment. I believe there is only one talent change from the old macro with slight alterations to the main rotation.
Anyway have a play/test and let me know how you all go!!

Run @70ms

TALENTS:- 1221123
SHIFT: Icebound Fortitude
ALT: Anti-Magic Shell

Talents 1221123

This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.5.5.

Macro Version 1

Step Function: Sequential

Pre Macro: Dancing Rune Weapon, Death Strike, Death and Decay, Blood Boil

KeyPress: Anti-Magic Shell, Icebound Fortitude

Main Sequence: Heart Essence, Heart Strike, Bonestorm, Marrowrend

KeyRelease: Dancing Rune Weapon, Vampiric Blood

Post Macro: Death Strike, Death and Decay, Blood Boil

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Great macro I would not change any thing on it was looking for a good 1 buttion BD DK macro for a long time was not wanting to lvl up my DK until now. :slight_smile:

Good macro needs to heart strike more though as it often refreshes BS at 9 stacks and that is wasted dps and resources.

@Sage ty for the feedback I will take another look at it a bit later! If the macro changes I will post the edit up :slight_smile: cheers :slight_smile:

Had a quick look and edit, have only tested on the target dummy’s but hopefully that is closer to what you suggested @Sage I also fixed up the anti-magic shell and icebound so you can now use anti-magic shell on cool-down.

Whay ms speed are you running it at?

I am running at 70ms

Ilvl: 378.50
DPS: 6k
HPS: 7.2K

Test on Tank Dummy!

i will test that on m+ and give a feed back.

Great Job!

That would be awesome!! Thanks SPAM MAIl

Hey, done a couple mythic 10’s with the new version…it’s letting BS fall off now :stuck_out_tongue:
Seems to be the problem most Authors have with Blood dk macro’s on here…finding the sweet spot for MR for BS or HS.

I will take another look soon, having a few issues atm my computer blew up so waiting on a piece to see if I can breathe some new life into it, if it needs more I may be off for a while as I don’t have the money for a new pc. Will keep everyone updated!

this is the age old issue with death knights with their resource mechanic, you wont find that sweet spot of BS management and decent HS usage and maintain a fluid amount of runes available to do so its a seesaw of preference, more HS for less BS or vice versa.

also Dummies ant the best test for BS management due to fluctuating situations that cause BS to fall off faster than you can anticipate, such as getting wailed on by 3+ fast melee hitting mobs will eat BS faster than 3+ casting mobs etc, why it always pays to have a manual option set up ready, and trying to make a one button for DKs (besides frost) is additional challenge.

best bet is to find that balance of both and realize it will be lacking at times

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Totally agree and I will try and find a nice balance

Ok I made some changes I hope this one is a little more balanced :slight_smile:

Sorry probably not the right place but would be great if you could do a prot paladin one. Loving using your macros so far :sunglasses:

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Nice suggestion I will think on it atm just trying to get a PC that will work and play wow sadly mine blew up and I have no $$ atm but as soon as I do I will get back on top of things!!

I’ve been using this a bit this week and its been going well. I’m finding that Bonestorm seems to go off when there is limited RP, so perhaps moving it to a modifier could work better as well. I’ll be running some M+ this week again with it and will report back again :slight_smile:

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That would be great tyvm!!

How do I modify this to consider that I use Bonestorm as the last talent? You have 2 there, and I use 3. Will the macro use whatever is there when its off CD?

I will have to check the macro again (this is one i was working on that I lost) but yes bonestorm is in the macro and it’ll go off on cool down

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Ok, quick update for my Blood DK have a look new macro in the original post, let me know how you go!!