Elfyau's (GSE 3) 9.2.7 Arms Warrior Macro **Updated 28-Sep-22**

NOTE I have created a plugin for all of my Warrior macros!! To find the plugins you can go to curseforge or your curse client and search for either “Elfyau” or “GSE” and they should show up in the results.

Does well, but feels slow… Or is it just me?

Made @250ms

TALENTS:- 2,1,1,3,2,2,2

ALT:- For Die by the Sword
SHIFT:- For Avatar and Bladestorm (Hold until both fire)


Usage Information

Made @250ms
ALT:- For Die by the Sword
SHIFT:- For Avatar and Bladestorm (Hold until both fire)

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This macro contains 1 macro template. This Sequence was exported from GSE 3.1.06.

Feedback is welcome and encouraged! Remember, the more feedback I have, the more I may be able to improve the macros!

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I will check it out tonight and let you know

So I tried it out and I would say remove the whirlwind since it’s 30 rage for very little damage. And it being in your single target rotation just isn’t worth it. The rage would be better used on a slam or somehting else already in the rotation.


Thanks!! I will look into that for the next update! :smiley:


its good i think but no need to put Slam at the macro coz Fervor of Battle will make whirlwind spam Slam auto

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Updated the macro. The new macro is in the original post. Cheers :sunglasses:

Hi, Does this macro work with all covenants?

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It should as I do not put the covenant abilities in the macros.

keeps telling me i dont have a proper flask :slight_smile:

New to making macros and I would like to add my covenant ability to your macro. where is a good place to put it and what would the proper code be?

most of these macros are so bad. yeah , make ur own, i would, but i dont understand the new gse. i always made my own pre this new crap. but now i dont know anymore.

The macro has been updated and is available in the original post and via Curseforge. Let me know what you think! Cheers! :person_fencing:

As of July 18th, this macro does not work. All the other GSE macros work on this forum (which I’ve tried) except for this one.

Thanks I will look into this :slight_smile:

delete the macro and reimport it. i had the same happen on Elfyaus BM macro, where it stop working, i reimported it and it worked again

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maybe also include conveants as well ?

Hi, so Elfyau’s macros are about 95% (give or take) not classes or specs he plays more than to make a macro for it. alot of it is just him getting on and using diffrent spells to make the macro and then putting it out for the public. he doesnt look into anything more than the basics of making the macro work. when he puts it out to his testers, then he finds out what needs to be tweaked. but all us testers, just put in the covenant ourselves, cuz not everybody uses the same covenants all the time or we decide its better to not have the covenant spells in the auto rotation.

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How would I add Storm bolt and Rend?

I’d have to do some testing I am not sure off the top of my head

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I’m not sure either Elfy, I appreciate it very much.