Enmity's Macros

Updated 10/31/2017

OK… While waiting for the server reset… I have decided to post my New AkA Old Macro… this meaning… basically we have gone back to our first set of successful macros that John Mets & I originally worked out after the expansion dropped…differences are talents are more easily chosen… You can pretty much select the talents you like or feel will give you more benefits such as DpS/Runic Power…
With this in mind I am also posting how I play my macro and my talents…I use this macro for PvP as well as Raid/Dungeons…
My lego’s I use are the Wrist/chest or you could use the belt to get the better runic power…my item level depending on which trinkets I use is 930…I have found pushing for Item Level vs Tier bonus seems to work out better due to in my opinion the tier bonus from ToS doesn’t really do Frost any quality benefits…But on the other hand… The Tier Bonus benefits the hell out of <Unholy>…

Relics in order of Importance…According to DK Discord
Ambidexterity x 3
Cold as Ice
Nothing but the Boots
Blast Radius

I have a Shadow Relic 930 Blast Radius with two frost Ambi…Reason being I haven’t gotten a better Shadow Relic as of yet…I have been spending my Veiled Argunites on trying to get better Trinkets…

This Macro Also Requires that you keep track of your Runic Power…so when you see you are down to 1 rune…Being a blood elf I first pop ‘Arcane Torrent’ Then my next spell I pop is Anti Magic Shell… if I need more runes then last I pop Empower Rune Weapon…

For those who like more control you can also monitor your Howling Blast Procs as well…

My Macros are designed with as little Micro Management as possible…

Ok… On Boss Pull… Recommended Order of Cast for maximum DpS Burst and Sustained Damage…Food…Anything that gives you Strength or A Stat you may need…Lately I have been experimenting with Versatility Food… Due to the new gear seems to be really stacking ALOT of Versatility… It seems to be doing really well…

Discord Recommends Cut and Pasted

What consumables/enchants should I be using?

Lavish Suramar Feast, as it gives strength. If you cannot use it, use the food that your stat weights advise.
Potion of Prolonged Power for all builds.
Mark of the Claw for both single target and AoE on necks. Otherwise grab strength and whatever stat have the highest weight for you on rings and gems.
What are my runeforges?
You should use Razorice mainhand, Fallen Crusader offhand. The reasons for this is that you want faster Razorice stacking for many abilities such as Sindragosa’s Fury and Fallen Crusader does not have a noticeable proc rate difference for offhand.

Ok back to Boss Pull…#1 Potion prolonged power @ 5 sec pull count…#2 Sindragosa Fury #3 Chains of Ice To Take Advantage of your normal full 20 count of Cold Heart Lego…If you don’t have Cold Heart you can ignore this step… then start the Macro…

Macro Speed…0.070 - 0.100 if you use a Razor product… if using Auto Hotkey… you will have to expierment…my sweet spot seems to be around 0.090 - 0.100 this id dependent on your latency/connection speed…

I also have a few PvP casts in the macro… Due to I Like To PvP But I also Raid so Its a balance…so for PvP you would change the talents (example) to this talent select seems to do quiet well in BG’s & Arenas…My PvP Honor talents varies on my groups but normally I rock…

ok… My apologies for such a long explanation…this is as simple as I can make it and yet do quality damage…

Sequences['7.3_Enmity'] = {
-- This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.2.02.
  Talents = "3.2.1/3.?.?.3.1",
  Help = [[Combination Macro]],
  MacroVersions = {
    [1] = {
      StepFunction = "Sequential",
        "/targetenemy [noharm][dead]",
        "/cast [combat] [talent:7/1] Obliteration",
        "/cast Pillar of Frost",
        "/cast Chains of Ice",
        "/cast Remorseless Winter",
        "/cast [talent:4/2] Blinding Sleet",
        "/cast [pvptalent:6/3] Chill Streak(Honor Talent)",
        "/castsequence Obliterate, Frost Strike, Howling Blast",
        "/castsequence Obliterate, Frost Strike, Obliterate, Frost Strike",
        "/cast [combat] Remorseless Winter",
        "/cast [combat] Howling Blast",
        "/cast [combat] Obliterate",
        "/cast [combat] Frost Strike",

Set your clicker to .050 Talents = Icy Talons, Frozen Pulse, Ice Cap, Winter is Coming, PermaFrost, FrostScythe, Glacial Advance

Sorry, what does this mean? And how come you didnt include the talents in the build itself?

What will I be needing to watch manually to get this to work right?

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Cleaning and Updating Original Post

Haha thanks :), I’m interested to give this a shot. as I’m still not quite happy with my current WIP. I am closely monitoring the forums and the frost DK QQ to see what people want and sadly many of the QQ miss the HB spam. But anyway I should be able to have some time to see how this goes :slight_smile:

New hotfix is out, looking forward to seeing the new macros. Also, I am new to this so im not sure what to do with the lines of code everyone is posting. Do i have to enter it manually in game on gse or is there and easier way?

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The current macro I am using for Frost.

Sequences['Frost'] = {
specID = 251,
author = "TM",
helpTxt = "Talents: 3112211",
StepFunction = GSStaticPriority,
PreMacro = [[
/targetenemy [noharm][dead]
/cast [combat] Obliteration
'/castsequence reset=20 Remorseless Winter, Howling Blast',
'/castsequence reset=combat !Obliterate',
'/castsequence reset=combat !Frost Strike',
PostMacro = [[
/cast pillar of frost
/use Draenic Strength Potion

Emnity, Took your macro for a spin, I have to say I was getting more DPS from this than my WIP ones. which gave me something to think about in what I need to tune fix the kinks in what i am working on. a good alternative macro. :slight_smile:

Changing the talents on this macro to 1132211 gave me like 4k more dps. Still sucks compared to unholy though… sigh I really want Frost to viable but it just is not unless Blizz does some kind of major rework on it.

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there is a typo line 17 and 18 frost stike

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I’m using your favoured one, and it’s amazing, beats anything I’ve used so far by quite a margin.

I use your suggested talents, but I have mine set to fire every 300ms and it’s still great. I have AMS and trinkets on another key.

I like how you and John Mets are bouncing ideas off of each other to improve them, great work both, and thanks!

First off and I cannot say this enough - thanks guys for putting the time and effort into these macros …makes a huge difference in game play for me - I can focus on guild things and watch for stuff on the ground all the while pummeling foes to the ground. This macro Enmity1 is the one I am using now and it works great it owns in pve and pvp.
Currently i854
Talents 2213213
Current DPS on Ogrimmar Raiding Dummy over 3 minutes
Burst: 245K
Sustained 213K
Total: 41,663,728
Frost Strike: 34 @ 6,294,476
Frozen Pulse: 80 @ 4577578
Frostscythe: 22 @ 3968859

Hopefully this is useful data and if necessary I can provide more.
Thanks again

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Cleaning Up…Updated Original Post

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theres a period after remorseless winter instead of a comma

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