Feral (Cat) Lazy Macro – 4.3

After a bit of testing at the dummy, this macro it seems to do a nice rotation and using all cooldowns available for a brainless 1 spam button.

Dungeon macro (attacking behind mobs):

/castsequence [stealth]Ravage;reset=target/alt Mangle(Cat Form),Faerie Fire (Feral),null
/castsequence reset=target Savage Roar,Rake,Shred,Shred,Shred,Rip,Rake,Shred
/cast [nostealth]Prowl
/cast Tiger's Fury
/cast Berserk
/cast Feral Charge(Cat Form)

Macro Explanation:

Farming macro (attacking not behind mobs):

/castsequence [stealth]Pounce;reset=1 Faerie Fire (Feral),null
/castsequence reset=target Mangle(Cat Form),Savage Roar,Rake,Rip,Mangle(Cat Form),Rake,Mangle(Cat Form)
/cast [nostealth]Prowl
/cast Tiger's Fury
/cast Berserk
/cast Feral Charge(Cat Form)

Macro Explanation:

UPDATED June 10, 2011: Revised for a better rotation and added Pounce spell when on Stealth, also stealths if out of combat.
UPDATED July 1, 2011: Added farming version (frontal attack does not lock up).
UPDATED October 2, 2011: Cat dungeon - Pounce was replaced with Ravage, rotations reset on target to prevent any lock up and added a modifier (Alt) to refresh mangle and Faerie Fire. Cat farming - Claw was replaced with Mangle for more damage and normal rotation resets on target to prevent any lock up. Trinkets had to be removed in order to have space to make the macros work properly.

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having a issue with the macro ive noticed it locking up and ive been having to cancel the target and then get back on in order to unlock any thoughts ? Thank YOu for YOur Hard WOrk

Hello titusmarshall, I will try to check them this weekend and try to reproduce your problem. Any clue what spell is trying to cast?
And you are welcome about the hard work =)

Hi Luis, First of all, thank you for taking the time and effort to create these macros. It is appreciated, and has allowed me to play my alts more often, because I can spend time “playing” rather than having to practice/learn each specs/classes intrinsic rotations, etc. I have also found that the feral macro will lock up and get stuck on auto attack only, and as a Worgen I hear “Not Ready” “Can’t Do That Yet”. Since the reset is 1 sec, is it possible to spam the macro too quickly? I’ll try to do some research on the training dummy and let you know if I can narrow it down. Thanks in advance

You are welcome christopherbell, I will try to look it up before the weekend is over and try to correct it.

Which one is locking up from the 2?

I’m using the second one (farming macro), since the enemies don’t often let me attack from behind for very long since I don’t usually have a tank with me to hold them facing away.

Hi christopherbell, I think I found the problem. It seems like is getting stucked trying to cast Rip on the target that currently has the Rip debuff.

It is very annoying cause it should override the old debuff, just like Savage Roar buff does.

So in other words, if for some reason Rip still up and you do not have enough combo points to override it with a bigger Damage over Time, it will get stuck til the DoT is gone.

I will try to check if there are ways to fix this without having to completely remove the spell from the sequence.

Hey man, just a quick question, at ilvl 350, should I be doing more then 6.5k dps tops? Just curious if i’m doing something wrong, if Feral is as bad as I remember. Thanks!

Hello Adamlamb, I could guess a number since I do not have that ilevel in the cat I test the macros with. But with a level 363 I do about 15k dps constant at the dummy. So maybe it should be close to 10k as 350? It also depends in gear/ enchants/ talents/ glyphs.

There is a visitor who claims to do 20 - 25 k dps at 346 item level, but I do not know how true is this, could be in AoE situations or all raid buffs involved.

In dungeons or raids is supposed to do more dps because of other player buffs or the dungeon buff.

Here is a link to my friends druid if you would like to compare:
Julieana’s Armory

Try use this:
/castsequence reset=target Mangle(Cat Form), Savage Roar, Rake, Shred, Shred, Rake, Shred, Rip, Shred, Rake, Shred, Shred, Rake, Ferocious Bite(Cat Form), Shred, Shred, Rake
/use !Ravage
/use !Tiger’s Fury

found it at a other site it do a lot more dps then the other i have 365 ilevl and do 15k dps at a target dummy with this. the other i only do 10.

Hello Luis, I’ve recently started playing with a Feral druid and im having some problems with your Dungeon Macro (More powerfull spell if already active) is there any way i can fix that? Thank you

Jmsf: Hello Luis, I’ve recently started playing with a Feral druid and im having some problems with your Dungeon Macro (More powerfull spell if already active) is there any way i can fix that? Thank you

Hi Jmsf, I been playing my druid a lot lately also and it does the same to me when it tries to reapply Rip even if is with 5 combo points. As far as I know there is no fix to it until Blizzard lets us override the Rip damage over time.

But there is a workaround! Or temporary solution. The way I do it when it locks up is like this: I dragged to my action bar the Shred spell and I just spam that til the old Rip wears off and then I go back to the macro.

Hopefully that works out for you.

It somehow does, thank you, and another small thing, is it possible to include ferocious bite on the rotation or refresh the mangle debuff? Overall, great job with all the macros the ennhancement one is wonderfull!

Hello again Jmsf, for Mangle de-buff just hold Alt + macro. This line makes it happen: “reset=target/alt Mangle(Cat Form)”
You can always change the “Alt” key to “Shift” or “Ctrl”.

Ferocious Bite could be included but it would require a lot more characters and would have to remove cooldowns to make it fit inside the whole macro. Other problem might be is the way I’m thinking to put it, as a minimum the mob needs to be 60% health or less with Tier 13 or 20% health or less without Tier 13. So if I make the macro to do not use Rip again after the first sequence and the mobs health is above 60% or 20% without Tier 13, it would not refresh the Rip DoT.

For this kind of situation I would suggest to use the macro til 60% if you have tier 13 bonus or 20% without and have another macro that deals with the rest including Ferocious Bite in the rotation.

I’m glad you like the macros :slight_smile:

Got it, but is there any way you can make those macros? i’m not quite good doing that! XD

And i just dont like them, i’m amazed! I can easily pull out 30k as an enhancement shaman just pressing 2 keys! :slight_smile:

Nice to hear you are doing great with the macros.

Ok I’m making this macro without testing it, but it would work as a side option for when they are at the percentage you need, either 60% or 20% as we talked about. This would include a modifier for Mangle, you can use any of the 3 modifiers to activate it to refresh it if is gone from the target.

/castsequence [mod]Mangle(Cat Form); Shred,Savage Roar,Rake,Shred,Shred,Shred,Ferocious Bite,Rake
/cast Tiger’s Fury
/cast Berserk

You can always add any other abilities if you like, like trinkets or Feral Charge but I stripped the macro so you can customize it however you like outside the rotation.

Just remember to only use it after Rip has been casted from the other macro and if the target is below the right percentage, hopefully it works the way you want.

Having serious issues with this macro, as soon as I use it on a dumby it goes grey like it wont work after a few attacks and i can at best get 5k dps
used the macro just above that martinnielsen used and i do just the same.

need help please

Hello Vipersbite666,

Is your client in other language that is not english? If you do use other language client, the abilities have to be translated to the client language.

Is your character level 85? If not, make sure to remove the abilities you do not have yet from the macro.

Are you copying the macros from the site? Try to download the addon-plugin for no hassles.

If you are using the dungeon macro make sure you are behind the target.

Yep Im 85 and ilvl 367, Yes it is English, and yes I copied the macro from the site and pasted it.

NVM 20k dps woot. love ur macro
Cheers bro