FERAL-UPDATED (May -2015 by ME - Brad ... see pg 9 )


/targetenemy [noharm,dead]
/cast Wild Charge
/cast [nostealth,nocombat] Prowl
/castsequence  Rake, Shred,Shred,Rip,Rake,Shred,Shred,Shred,Shred,Savage Roar,Rake,Shred,Faerie Fire,Shred,Shred,Shred,Rip,Rake,Shred
/cast [combat]Tiger's Fury
/cast [combat]Berserk
/cast [combat] Survival Instincts


/targetenemy [noharm,dead]
/castsequence [combat,nostealth]reset=combat Swipe,Rip,Rake,Thrash,Faerie Fire,Swipe,Savage Roar,Swipe,Rake,thrash
/cast [nostealth,nocombat] Prowl
/cast [combat]Tiger's Fury
/cast [combat]Berserk
/cast [combat] Survival Instincts

Execute-Target < 25%

/targetenemy [noharm,dead]
/castsequence reset=target Rake,Shred,Shred,Shred,Ferocious Bite,Rake,Shred,Shred,Shred,Shred,Savage Roar,Rake,Shred,Faerie Fire,Shred,Shred,Shred,Ferocious Bite,Rake,Shred
/cast [nostealth,nocombat] Prowl
/cast [combat]Tiger's Fury
/cast [combat]Berserk
/cast [combat] Survival Instincts

Hope you all enjoy :slight_smile:

Heal you can add to the bottom of each :slight_smile:

/console autounshift 0
/use [@player,combat] Healing Touch
/console autounshift 1
/cast [nostance:2] Cat Form(Shapeshift)

talents? glphys used?

Talents 3 1 2 1 3 2

Glyphs Rake - Cat Form - Survival Instincts

Thanks. Not sure what cat form is with glyphs. Or its not avail on my sever yet.

Glyph Of Catform is a crafted Glyph. It improves healing done to you by 20% while in cat form. So mixed with Dream of Cenarius Talent you get a 40% increase to healing using Healing Touch and Rejuvenation. Great combo for increasing your survival in fights.

Thanks Brad. Will test it out and post my results. I appreciate the explanations :slight_smile:

is there a way you can add ferocious bitwe into that macro… it keeps wanting to re add rip or savage roar… even tho i still have plenty of time left on the bleed and buff… need to make ferocious bite a filler finishing move when i dont need rip or savage roar

I think you nailed it. I’m hitting a LOT harder now. I’m so happy!!!

thanks for the hard work!

with in the long /castsequence line just remove a RIP and add FB :slight_smile: but reason i have it as such was to make it really lazy and also on target swaps our combo points stack on the druid now not target so i was thinking if i switch target i would prefer a bleed ready over a FB but if you go FB in there get the Glyph to heal you as you use it.

Thank you! nice rotaion, made a few tweeks and put a @mouseover for wild charge and also added beserk only proc when tigers fury active for extra burst and shred out of stealth.
This could still do with tweaking, thanks again cant play wow without macros any more lol.
Keep up the good work!

/castsequence [@mouseover,nocombat] reset=target wild charge
/castsequence [nocombat]!Shred
/castsequence [combat]tiger's fury,Berserk
/castsequence [combat]tiger's fury
/castsequence [@mouseover,combat] reset=target wild charge,Faerie Fire
/castsequence [combat]reset=target/15 Rake,Shred,Shred,Thrash,Rip,Shred,Shred,Savage Roar,Rake,Shred,Shred,Ferocious Bite
/cast [nocombat] !Prowl
/startattack [noharm][dead]

Thanks Brad! I used these macros last night in BGs and they are insane!

You can watch them in action when I stream. twitch.tv/figolmon

Thanks again!

BRAD, YOU ROCK!!! enough said!

Come on now guys… you are gonna make me blush… lol
Figol i will be there watching… if you are using them in pvp i suggest dropping the FB and throwing in maim and watch them bleed out slowly with a 5 stack FB as 3rd finisher and full bleed refresh from FB is they are below 20% you can just carry on to the next target and watch them drop in the rear view mirror. Throw in Glyph of Cat Form for a 40% increase to the heal bonus of Healing touch you are gonna make them turn their heads looking for your healer backup only to realize there isn’t one :slight_smile:

Hi am using these macro’s and loving them…
still 2 questions…

is there a panicheal macro for guardian…
is there a good macro for catform in the guardian spec… many good macro’s of feral use spells like savage roar or rip?
i know weird question but sometimes when i don’t thank i feel that i am missing a lot of dps as catform…
is it possible?

Hello. Im still working on a panic heal for Guardian there is some work around i gotta figure out still. But you can use the Dream of Cenarious talent that makes your Healing Touch an instant cast when it procs thats a huge heal as a Guardian. As for the Feral macros there is both savage roar and rip also Ferocious bite in all of these macro’s. They are located in the main long castsequence chain. Also dont forget the longer you are on a target the greater your DPS will be. If you are just killing trash mobs in the open world your shred and rake might kill them long b4 the macro even has a chance to cast RIP or Ferocious Bite even Savage Roar as its designed to only cast with 5 combo points. :slight_smile:

What add-on are you using for these Macro’s? They are 414 characters long

MACRO TOOLKIT …You can get it from curse.com just make sure its the r65 version :slight_smile: and then use the general tab. There is also the 255 limit in the form of a actionbar swap located on the first page of this thread :slight_smile:

Hey Brad! Thanks for stopping by the stream. I realized why I was dying so fast and not doing much damage in those BGs. I was in my PVE Gear… DOH! However you did see how well they worked in PVE. Awesome job on these macros!


champion, the main attack macro locks up occasionally but i just sit the sub 25% for a few times and it goes back to norm with minimal DPS loss. guess im a druid for the now. Pulling about 4.5-4.7k at 540ilvl