Gaupanda- Chicken Boomber Balance Druid Mythic+ Mushroom and Single Target Raid Build







I’m hitting 3.2m in 60 seconds on the 5 draining dummies with the m+ mt
iLevel 359 :smiley:

Thank you for this :slight_smile: !!!

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You are Very Welcome mate! Enjoy and Have Fun! Please Subs to my Youtube Channel and Follow me on Twitch.


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Wrath in multi target… i Love IT ^^
You can review the copy

Not really Understanding your comment. What are you really want to imply?


he doesn’t want to insinuate anything he’s just saying something right, wrath in multi target is not used it must be used in single damage in simple solar eclyssi phase.

You need two Wrath to enter lunar eclipse and start spamming Starfire. By the way, please if you copy my macro. At Least, state copy right for the credit of the Author. Thank you!


ok, for me the Mythic macros and talents are the best for both Mythic and Raid. The raid macro and talent seems to be really low dps. just how they are working for me. these are still great macros and talents.

I was doing (to me) mad dps with the mythic build in the raid i was doing MT wise. and the ST was within what i expect for dps.

very good job Gau.


You spell my name Wrong brother :slight_smile:

its saying loadout im trying to import is out of date on talents.


If you cant import, try going to the top, maximize the image of the talents and put in point by point. Blizzard is known to screw up the import even if its made with the same patch :stuck_out_tongue:

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Follow the Image above and Manually input Talent Point for now. I’ll check it later see if something wrong. Thank you!

Exactly mate… it’s been a while since you visit any of my Thread? Are you secretly following me ? :slight_smile:

thats what i did haha!
working good & smooth, i have a mega undergeared dudu at 334 so i cant really tell if dps is good or not. but macro is!

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Good to have people acknowledgment my macro is Good :slight_smile: Have I ever Disappointing you guys? Once you are With Me, You Never Regret Mate! Come Join My Team! :slight_smile:

Shhh, you saw nothing in the window behind you :wink:

@GauPanda what recommended MS would you run this? Also big fan of ur BM macro :raised_hands:

I normally run 50ms Razer Synpase.

@GauPanda ty, will try to sub on patreon asap :wink:

@GauPanda , I am having trouble running ur macro. It’ll run fine and I’ll close WOW and come back and the icon will blink when pushed but no spells activated. I run Elvui and I turned off ACE3 and it ran the macro but after leaving WOW it didnt run again. Any help is appreciated. I know there is problems running ELV and GSE but I only found turning off ACE3 as a solution. Thanks.