Good class for shadowlands and gse

I’m looking for some advice on a class to use in Shadowlands. I do a bit of everything but I’d say mostly max level mob farming and old content with some random low skill pvp lol. GSE enables me to be at least somewhat competitive (my hands are stupid) in dungeons and random pvp stuff but I’m sure some classes will be better then others.

Thanks for any advice.

It seems like the Hunter is working fantastic and there are toooooons of authors writing macros for them but in all honesty I think all the classes will work well, I have been leveling alts with all these new macros and they work really well :slight_smile: check out @lutechi 💤 Lutechi's Consolidated Macro List , he almost has macros for all classes with any talents! hope you find your main for SL! im still trying to figure it out myself haha but hey its a great time to level alts!


If you want to melee and do whatever you want and never die : Demon Hunters // Fury Warriors (Both have stupid easy rotations that work really good with GSE and both are really good at self-healing so you can farm and do random pvp to your hearts content)

If you want to range then its Hunters … Beast Mastery Hunter … nothing else comes close to ease of use and survivability (and fun IMO)