Griggers Blood DK

Hi, so an update to a macro that I customized before, making this post for it as it’s a new entity now.
Talents - 2221123
PVP Talents - Heartstop, Decomposing, Necrotic Aura’s

Talents 2223323

This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.4.02.

Macro Version 1

Step Function: Sequential

Pre Macro: Vampiric Blood, Dancing Rune Weapon

KeyPress: Gorefiend’s Grasp, Bonestorm, Asphyxiate

Main Sequence: Blooddrinker, Heart Strike, Blood Boil, Death Strike, Death and Decay, Marrowrend

KeyRelease: Vampiric Blood, Dancing Rune Weapon

Post Macro: Marrowrend, Death Strike


macro fantastic congratulations

Thanks for the feedback


In the post you have talent “2223323” while at the beginning of the post you write “2221123”.

Which is it for normal world PVE?

2221123 I get dyslexic sometimes, especially with numbers, a couple of those are personal preference but this is what i run

grant schultz you use setting ms for macro exp. 50ms or push istant botton and go?

As stated in the OP 100MS

Okay, I got a problem though:
when I impose on the mouse the speed of 100 ms, in game then I do not know why but if I press key related to the macro ie key 1 side of the mouse of the numeric keypad, the pg moves me forward alone how come?

op macro I love it

Thanks! I’m glad u enjoy it

Fast report :
I am high end tank(384) and i test all GSE blood macro :-).
This is only one macro with purple/legendary parses and awesome for raiding and M+.
Done some +15 and 2/8 mythic uldir.
This macro is my content winner! TY FOR YOUR AWESOME WORK!

Apro, did u change something in the macro, or did u do a +15 out of the box?

@Apro Could you link your warcraft logs character using this macro?

Did you modify the macro?

yes I have had the same issue of once I engage the macro character becomes uncontrollable and moves improperly used other macros and with no problems if u could offer any help it would be appreciated for the community thx

Wow thanks for the feedback, that’s great news

I use this macro without any changes.

@Apro Thanks for the link and response!

So … Do you press and hold or press for so long and release? Just trying to understand. I play with a ps4 controller and have a foot pedal for my one macro.


No no, I use the Razer Naga and i have this macro is on the side button, which I press my thumbs repeatedly. On other buttons I have kick and other useful DK spells, I use the class to the maximum! I dont use any ahk or something special…