GSE and 250ms - Do we care about bans?

Question for everyone who use this with a disability. Most macro’s here are made with the use together with 3rd party autofire software. Are everyone using that or if you are not, how are you using it? I understand a well made /castsequence can be made for regular pressing, but those macros seems few and far between.
Personally, i have been using this for several years just because i am lazy and cant be bothered with pressing the right buttons at the right time. At the same time it seems something has shifted since i played, i see now more macros run at 250ms to avoid getting banned, and i cant remember that being an issue people cared much about earlier as the norm was ms+50ms fire rate. Has anything happened lately that has changed this?

Running GSE 3 at faster speeds you start to flood the input queue for spells and abilities possibly skipping over them and not smoothing out the macro’s rotation for consistent results aka a loss in DPS for instance.

/castsequence macros is and has been broken for a long time by Blizzard and should possibly be reworked.

I use Razer Synapse starting at 250 ms and test macros at speeds of a 50 ms increase to see if there’s a DPS gain.

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When Blizzard changed their stance on Multiboxing they targeted some of the third party tools we were using. There have been many thousands banned for using AHK in very dumb ways. THis is a much longer post from a year ago - Guide: macros, WoW, you and more - #55 by TimothyLuke but the TLDR is using a third party tool is not safe. Its all about a measure of risk. at 250ms you don’t have an unfair advantage which you do over someone running at 50ms.

At a technical level all that stuff that Deexzyl has written is very real and a thing. if you run at 10ms you will DC yourself unless you are running a very powerful computer. Add to that running at 50 milliseconds your macro is just playing random whackamole so you have no control over what it is doing and no chance of making diagnosing what your macro is doing or why.

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