GSE Cycling but not casting

Just downloaded the latest version and it IS cycling spells, however it is not casting anything. Not sure what’s blocking the cast action, mod seems intact, runs fine (expect for not casting), no errors, imports work, upgrades to older version macros work, however when the key the macro is on is pressed it cycles spells on the macro but never casts any of them. This is present in both controller and keyboard modes. Any help, or a pointer to what may be blocking it in my settings would be appreciated, also GSE is the only addon I currently have loaded.


Okay, so a bit more testing reveals that clicking the macro with the right mouse button actually casts, the left does not…

i use key binds not mouse clicks and its not working any ideas on how to fix?

No, but I have submitted a bug report on the GitHub, I’m sure it’ll get sorted out, this team is really good with this addon.

any idea of a work around in the mean time? I use a naga with 1-12 key buttons so my thumb does my clicking not mouse clicking, so my macros are the 1 and 2 button

Its really odd as it works on the Beta just fine.

There is a difference somewhere I can assure you.

So for me I have my GSE macro always on my 1 or 2 keybinds usually both 1 is single target and 2 is usually aoe. Left clicking on them has also worked in the past, but I dont use my mouse to click them in game. I use the 1 and 2 buttons, my naga mouse has 1 through 12 keys that by default are 1 through = on my keyboard. Those and left clicking the macro on the keybind do not work, but right clicking the macro on the keybind is the only thing that works.

I am scrolling through the gse options to see if I can find a work around, but for now I am stumped.

Anyone familiar with the GSE addon know any details or insights as to what could have caused this change or a work around option would be greatly appreciated.

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this for me. i see spells cycle in macro but nothing casts.

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isniss i do the same thing. i found something that works. goto your /macros and goto your specific macros.

find your macro for your 1 key and it should say something like this. this is from mt bm hunter

/click [button:2] BMSOLO RightButton; [button:3] BMSOLO MiddleButton; [button:4] BMSOLO Button4; [button:5] BMSOLO Button5; BMSOLO

all i did was change that button:2 to a 1 and it worked just frine for me. i dont know if all macros are like that. but thats what mine did and how i fixed mine


You are a freaking genius mate! TYVM! WORKS PERFECTLY!

Are you talking in GSE or in Blizzards macros?

That worked thanks.

Just wanted to add here that I use a controller and was having a similar problem. opening the macro in the /macro window and changing [button:2] to [nobutton:1] made the macro start working.

worked like a charm for me. thank you!!!

unfortunately, this workaround didn’t work for me. still have the cycling without casting. but, now even teh right mouse button won’t cast.

Same, I tried the workaround, and nada. It is still cycling the spells, but not casting them.

there is no point in trying to modify the macros. it is a problem of the addon. they will fix it

I think you need to do some reset inside the addon “GSE UI” … this what I did and it worked for me … give it a try

type /gse and press enter … once the GSE UI opened press on “Options” and go to “Macro Reset” from the left side panel, 3rd one … then press on “Clear Keybindings” on the top page … then press on “Update Macro Stubs” the last button on the same page … and finally press on “Close” and “Close” again and try to fire your gse macro and enjoy :slight_smile:


Yep, this worked (the change Button 2 to 1). Also there is a reply from Tim and others on the GitHub page. Seems this is a Blizzard bug that was fixed in Beta but not carried over. But this work around is easy to apply so problem solved for now!


This! This worked perfectly for me! Thank you!