GSE Not firing Convoke the Spirits

I’ve noticed that GSE seems to be using the wrong spell for “Convoke the Spirits” in Dragonflight. The spell was changed to be able to be used in the new expansion. I’ve tried coding the spellid from wowhead into the macro but it still defaults to the old version pre-patch and won’t cast the spell. When you mouse over the spell icon for the macro it says “wrong zone” but if you drag the spell to the bar it says “Shadowlands” and will work on a manual press of the spell. I’m not sure if this is affecting all the old Shadowlands spells which are now part of the new talent tree or not.

If you are using 3.1.22 then in troubleshooting hit the button to clear the spell cache. If you are using 3.1.23-PatronBuild then there is an edit SpellCache where you can update the id for Convoke the Spirits and change it from Shadowlands version to the new talent one.

See [ENH] allow users to update the spell cache · Issue #1248 · TimothyLuke/GSE-Advanced-Macro-Compiler · GitHub

That fixed it. Thank you!

i was having the same issue with elysian decree, used the clear cache option and it fixed it until i changed specs. Then the error presented itself again. any thoghts?

I take it back, it only fixed it temporarily. Now the clear spell cache isn’t working and it’s stuck on the wrong version no matter what I seem to do.

The clearing the spell cache will only have an impact if the id that GSE is caching is wrong and you can check or edit that now by using the edit spell cache button. If that’s not if you have a WoW problem and need to look for a WoW solution.

I tired using the Edit the spell cache function and I am getting an error. Even after completely deleting my cache, WTF and addons then reinstalling them.

16x GSE_GUI/Editor.lua:3255: attempt to index field 'nameeditbox' (a nil value)
[string "@GSE_GUI/Editor.lua"]:3255: in function `GUISelectEditorTab'
[string "@GSE_GUI/SpellCache.lua"]:212: in function <GSE_GUI/SpellCache.lua:195>

container = <table> {
 width = "fill"
 num = 1
 OnRelease = <function> defined @Altoholic/Libs/AceGUI-3.0/widgets/AceGUIContainer-TabGroup.lua:226
 OnWidthSet = <function> defined @Altoholic/Libs/AceGUI-3.0/widgets/AceGUIContainer-TabGroup.lua:453
 parent = <table> {
 tablist = <table> {
 border = Frame {
 OnAcquire = <function> defined @Altoholic/Libs/AceGUI-3.0/widgets/AceGUIContainer-TabGroup.lua:222
 alignoffset = 18
 userdata = <table> {
 events = <table> {
 LayoutFunc = <function> defined @Altoholic/Libs/AceGUI-3.0/AceGUI-3.0.lua:675
 base = <table> {
 borderoffset = 30
 BuildTabs = <function> defined @Altoholic/Libs/AceGUI-3.0/widgets/AceGUIContainer-TabGroup.lua:352
 OnHeightSet = <function> defined @Altoholic/Libs/AceGUI-3.0/widgets/AceGUIContainer-TabGroup.lua:465
 type = "TabGroup"
 AceGUIWidgetVersion = 38
 children = <table> {
 frame = Frame {
 LayoutFinished = <function> defined @Altoholic/Libs/AceGUI-3.0/widgets/AceGUIContainer-TabGroup.lua:475
 SelectTab = <function> defined @Altoholic/Libs/AceGUI-3.0/widgets/AceGUIContainer-TabGroup.lua:329
 titletext = FontString {
 CreateTab = <function> defined @Altoholic/Libs/AceGUI-3.0/widgets/AceGUIContainer-TabGroup.lua:237
 SetStatusTable = <function> defined @Altoholic/Libs/AceGUI-3.0/widgets/AceGUIContainer-TabGroup.lua:324
 tabs = <table> {
 SetTitle = <function> defined @Altoholic/Libs/AceGUI-3.0/widgets/AceGUIContainer-TabGroup.lua:314
 height = "fill"
 localstatus = <table> {
 content = Frame {
 SetTabs = <function> defined @Altoholic/Libs/AceGUI-3.0/widgets/AceGUIContainer-TabGroup.lua:346
event = "Resize"
group = "enUS"
(*temporary) = nil
(*temporary) = nil
(*temporary) = <table> {
(*temporary) = 1
(*temporary) = 1
(*temporary) = "attempt to index field 'nameeditbox' (a nil value)"
GSE = <table> {
 TranslateSequence = <function> defined @GSE/API/Translator.lua:11
 StartOOCTimer = <function> defined @GSE/API/Events.lua:557
 ReportTargetProtection = <function> defined @GSE/API/Options.lua:1567
 RequestSequence = <function> defined @GSE/API/Serialisation.lua:331
 GetMacroStringFormat = <function> defined @GSE/API/StringFunctions.lua:375
 CloneSequence = <function> defined @GSE/API/Storage.lua:37
 modules = <table> {
 ObjectExists = <function> defined @GSE/API/StringFunctions.lua:252
 CheckOOCQueueStatus = <function> defined @GSE/API/Events.lua:629
 StopOOCTimer = <function> defined @GSE/API/Events.lua:563
 MediaPath = "Interface\Addons\GSE\Media"
 inArena = false
 GUIRecordFrame = <table> {
 GUISetColour = <function> defined @GSE/API/StringFunctions.lua:369
 GUIConfirmDeleteSequence = <function> defined @GSE_GUI/GUIFunctions.lua:21
 TableDiff = <function> defined @GSE/API/StringFunctions.lua:314
 inDungeon = false
 UsedSequences = <table> {
 ScheduleTimer = <function> defined @DataStore/libs/AceTimer-3.0/AceTimer-3.0.lua:94
 UnsavedOptions = <table> {
 UpdateIcon = <function> defined @GSE/API/Storage.lua:721
 ADDON_LOADED = <function> defined @GSE/API/Events.lua:195
 SendSequenceMeta = <function> defined @GSE/API/Serialisation.lua:311
 setActionButtonUseKeyDown = <function> defined @GSE/API/CharacterFunctions.lua:272
 UnregisterAllComm = <function> defined @AdiBags/libs/CallbackHandler-1.0/CallbackHandler-1.0.lua:174
 SetEnabledState = <function> defined @AdiBags/libs/AceAddon-3.0/AceAddon-3.0.lua:420
 isSpecIDForCurrentClass = <function> defined @GSE/API/CharacterFunctions.lua:84
 ClearTooltip = <function> defined @GSE_GUI/GUIFunctions.lua:188