GSE not importing macros

I am not able to import macros, i have GSE 2.4.09

i have removed and re-added the addon, reloaded UI

any help would be appreciated

quick update,

I can import macros with other characters but not my paladin.

I was able to import a ret macro and i can see it and use it, but i am unable to modify it.

try selecting the macro deleting the icon and create a new icon for it

i had to remove the whole macro from GS

is it working properly now?

yeah, i must of modified something in that macro that caused the issue

Glad to hear that it is working for you now, nothing more frustrating than when it’s not working.

mine is not importing either

If macros are not importing try typing /m going to character specific macros and if its full try deleting some :slight_smile:

Yea done that as well

I too am having trouble with importing macros … they import but once I log out of the toon they disappear

I’m sorry I do not have any more ideas. Best bet is to maybe check the forums or re-install the addon

Did you check to see if it was a “READ ONLY MACRO”. if it was you will not be able to edit it - this was set by the Macro Authors and prevents things like getting bombarded with “I changed X and your macro no longer works …” messages etc.

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If you dont exit WoW properly (via logout and close) WoW doesnt save your changes. If you /reload or Alt+F4 to exit then there is nothing I can do about the fact that it didn’t save anything.

Alternativly you have a corrupt macro that is breaking your GSELibrary and need to fix that.

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Also have a look at [GSE2 Howto: Fix Unable to import macros.]

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I’m no longer able to import or edit macros. I can use the ones I have installed. During the import process, after pasting and clicking on import, the app simply disappears completely. It used to go back to the point where you could look at all of your macros. I’ve logged out and back in several times. I’ve logged out, exited the game, reloaded the PC without luck. I’ve uninstalled the current version (2.4.13.) I reinstalled a previous version (2.4.03.) I’m back to the latest version now without luck. Any advice?

Back to the latest version. Tried deleting EVERYTHING and reinstalling and still now luck.

If you don’t fix the problem it won’t go away.

I had to uninstall the whole game. Every folder and addon deleted. After a clean install, it works. :slight_smile:

I’m having a terrible time trying to import a with gse and when I try and import the chat box state macro is supposedly made for classic wow on my feral druid. Unfortunately I’m not very technical and it reads, gse unable to be interpreted. Can someone please help me?