GSE Speling Eror

Noticed this :slight_smile:

Screenshot 2024-04-19 182457


Australia says learn English. Americans don’t speak English they speak American English which is both spelt differently and pronounced differently. Australia uses English English from which its SpecialiSation not Specialization.

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I thought I found an error and was trying to be helpful. I did not expect to receive a University Writing Style Guide PDF and be told to “learn English” from a senior site member.

Thinking this was a mistake, I brought it to the attention of those who could fix it. I am respectful and professional to the responses on my posts, yet my response for providing feedback has been an open forum insult from a moderator.

I am new to WLM, have been producing quality content for the community, but no longer feel that this is an amicable venue to provide critique as I did when I initially made this post.

Can i Join with a proper response Tim?!

You re not even close as you think.

Ignorance is a powerful tool, now you have taken the chance to learn something you did not know.

Languages , are by far one of the many many feed back communicators and every country has modifications and sooo much differences in dialects / Languages hehe

take that as a positive thing !


PS: Thanks for your contribution here on wlm. :heart_eyes:

Mate you didn’t raise it as a GSE bug on GSE’s support site. I thought by raising it here you were poking shit so I was poking shit back.

People raising bugs here I ignore 100% of the time as if it was important they would raise it on the GSE GitHub site. This one to me was funny so was trying to respond in kind.

The GSE support site is located at Issues · TimothyLuke/GSE-Advanced-Macro-Compiler · GitHub and this stuff I take extremely seriously.

The very first sticky post in this section is GSE - Support and where to get help

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Olive branch nay! not needed was funny true

But i feel like a fool now for not get it my self hahah :saluting_face: