GSE.... Whats the deal?

In my world… I make sure to update to the latest GSE version. Then I go to my favorite GSE website " Lazy Macros" And I search for the latest and greatest of Macros that my GSE community is sharing.

I copy… I open GSE… Im select “IMPORT” I paste… I wait for it to pop up. I click " create icon "…
I place the new icon into my Action Bar and I GO TO TOWN WITHA PWNING.

Last 48 hrs. Nothing has worked. I find out its because I don’t have the latest version of GSE. So… I get the latest version of GSE. Still Nothing.

What is the current status with users and GSE? Have the powers that be agreed on what version is the latest and greatest? can you tell us what that is. Are the Macros found here at Lazy Macros going to work with said version?

Is the latest version communicating properly with the game?

Are the macros being shared on Lazy macros being created in a way to work with the latest version of GSE?

Has the problem been found and fixed? Has the Problem been found and on its way to being fixed?

Do I need to join a Patreon to make this work?

I need my Bad Ass and most favorite and important addon to work.

Basically, Im asking for a status report. If I was at sea… do we see land yet?

What steps need to be made before we are back to GSE and lazy Macros being the Bad Asses they are?

It just usually takes a few days before macros get updated after a big patch like this one. Obviously the current GSE version is the one to be using (3.1.13 as of this posting).

So the Macros Im grabbing from LZ arent for this Version?

I don’t know what macros you’re grabbing.

Keep in mind that they redid the talent system in 10.0.0, everything’s potentially broken. Some macros (I use Elfyau’s) mostly work, you just have to figure out what abilities they’re calling and make sure you take the talents for them.

Also check out this thread, maybe this is your issue: GSE Cycling but not casting - #10 by Isniss