GSE3 PvE/PvP 9.2 (No Fury Starvation And Never Gets Stuck)

most of the creators do that. so i would say unless you see a newer post somewhere else in here. that the update is the first post.

I tried the unbound setup for the first time in rw now… and im sorry to say… nope, njet, nein, nei, heeell no
(yes i do have the right talent, but for some reason… nothing… absolutly nothing was firing… well imo did… sometimes…
this was the result after killing a single mob( regular animal in SL)
Details!: Sonoflilith - DPS for Cervid Grazer [0:22 EF]

  1. Spectral Scythe]: 486 (32.0%)
  2. Melee: 361 (23.9%)
  3. Fel Rush]: 282 (18.6%)
  4. Immolation Aura]: 142 (9.4%)
  5. Blade Dance]: 113 (7.5%)
  6. Immolation Aura]: 47 (3.1%)
  7. Eternal Skirmish]: 45 (3.0%)
  8. Shadowcore Oil Blast]: 37 (2.5%)

on a more “normal” mob
Details!: Sonoflilith - DPS for Lupine Animate [0:21 EF]

  1. Spectral Scythe]: 502 (36.4%)
  2. Melee: 431 (31.3%)
  3. Blade Dance]: 150 (10.9%)
  4. Immolation Aura]: 128 (9.3%)
  5. Eternal Skirmish]: 70 (5.1%)
  6. Shadowcore Oil Blast]: 63 (4.6%)
  7. Immolation Aura]: 24 (1.8%)
  8. Vengeful Retreat]: 8 (0.6%)

what i did noticed… resources was stable all the time on “0”,… no fury what so ever…ever…
edit: talent 25 says place 1… but in macro you have Demon blade.,. i change it to demon’s bite…is solved it partially, but imo wasted and therefor FR missed… it pops some pewpew, but im going back to GT…

hey i tried this version today on dummy and I’m starved and cant cast due to lack of demon bites i ran at 250ms then 50 to see if that helped but cant get spells of due to the lack of fury , the last one before this update worked alot better

What version? XD The standard version only spams demons bite and chaos strike so i don’t know what you are referring to. This means nothing since as said, the version you should use only spams 2 of the abilities, so it you get bad dps its on you. However if you use version 1 which does everything automatic, then i can understand since it haven’t been updated in a long time and you shouldn’t use it more than for lvling.

I will however look into the fully automatic one and see if I can make it work for post 60 players.

The only version that uses demon blades is the pvp version.

I haven’t touched the macro, it’s the same since 5 months ago. What version are you running? What Ahk script are you running? When i say version, i mean macro version 1-4.

:slight_smile: i was trying v1.

Yeah I saw that demon blades was in, its because i was probably saving the pvp version with demon blades talent on, and it sometimes change it on the other versions. I fixed this and made the macro version 1 more reliable, it’s working as intended now.

I added the new Version which default is 3 as I use CDs on separate macro but as spamming it once eye beam is done you basically get a couple shots of and it seems to lock out, and using speeds from 50ms to 250ms I just seemed to stand do a demon bite maybe 1 chaos and then it just auto attacked, I can see it spamming through the macro in the bar.

I’m using 35ms but it shouldn’t matter, I don’t use macro for cds, I just press them manually and some are in the macro for faster use like eye beam and meta. I just hold E (which is my macro key) and never let go haha, so there might be a conflict if you use 2 macros at a given time. Try with just this macro, and press the cds yourself, it might fix it!

Edit: Oh are you pressing the macro button? Use the script from the link in the description, it works perfectly and you dont have to spam click anything, just hold in.

Version 3 in the config which is the one that only used chaos and demon bite, I use razer syn but I’ll try ahk to if I can figure it out lol, aimed target dummy I should be around 11.5k no buffs so I’ll give it ago over the weekend. Thanx mate

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Yeah it might be your built in macro on your mouse, I’m pretty sure if you use the script in the description, every macro on this site will work better! Just change sleep time to whatever ms you want and change all 3s to whatever macro key you want to be spammed fam!

Version 3 is the best for PvE and version 4 is best for PvP! I made so they do the basic fury generation and spending, so you got full control over cds for maximum dps!

Edit: Just download and install ahk, rightclick on your desktop or anywhere you want the ahk script, click on create new script, copy and paste the code from the link, change the variables (3s to macro key, and sleep ms to your preferrable ms) then save the script, rightclick it and run!

is that the elf one when u click the link

Yes, i’ve used it for over a year, it’s really good!

in ahk can u use any key as i use = as my macro key

Yep! Just change the 3s in the code to any key

thanx alot for that i was actually playing with it right now

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Np fam! If you have any question just let me know, I’m more than happy to teach! Btw if you wanna submit an error in the future, state what version you were using for faster testing :smile:

Version 3 uses the ability Demon Blades, but the macro says to take Insatiable Hunger. So does version 3 use Demon’s Bite or Demon Blades?

After 4 days playing good, the 5 day i dont know what happend, but i cant cast now the eye beam, is auto canceling instant every time :S with the version 1 and 3, 30ms , any idea?

i was playing with it, and had the same results Eye Beam not casting, it maybe adding sinful brand in the rotation, but i am not 100% sure, its my wife’s toon, and i normally play my DK, I am still experimenting, but if you have added it?