GSE3 PvE/PvP 9.2 (No Fury Starvation And Never Gets Stuck)

Update log

> Update 2021-06-30: Made so the macro doesn't fire off unwanted abilities outside combat.

> Update 2021-07-08: Tried to make the macro work as intended.

> Update 2021-07-10: Tried to make the macro work again as intended.

> Update 2021-07-10: Made the macro work as intended.

> Update 2021-07-11: Made a momentum build, thanks to @lab185_Viola! Try it out, but bear in mind that it requires you to felrush and vengeful retreat yourself, so there's a skillgap.

> Update 2021-07-14: Made a few changes to the demonic build, such as it's no longer best with Trial Of Ruin, but use Unbound Chaos instead, also some count on a loop, and most importantly modifiers for Blade Dance and Eye Beam. Shift + YourMacroKey is Eye Beam, and CTRL + YourMacroKey is Blade Dance. Now you can speed it up if you feel the macro isn't as fast to use the abilities.

> Update 2021-07-15: Made a new demonic build (3) for those who want to have max dps and/or good logs in raids with maximum uptime on Eye Beam. This is my standard version, but you can use any of the three and be fine in any content.

> Update 2021-07-19: To the help of @JackDH and @linkblue, mods got working on the macro!! I made some additional changes, to not include Chaos Nova as a mod, as well as covenant ability, since not everyone uses the same, and it's not used everywhere. You have Blade Dance, Darkness and Meta as mod in Version 1 as it's the only version who uses Blade Dance. In Version 2 and 3, you have Darkness, Eye Beam and Meta as mod. I wouldn't be able to optimize and improve this macro further if it wasn't because of these 2, so shoutout to them!

> Update 2021-07-26: I made a dedicated PvP build macro for high mmr ranked BG/Arena.

> Update 2021-08-06: I made a few changes to the default macro (3), to spam more chaos strike than before, without breaking the macro for once. With this I do around 7.5k St dps of my simmed 7.7k, and then it dips down to about 7-7.2k sustained. I do not think I can make this macro any better at this point. Hopefully you share the same experience as me.

> Update 2021-08-09: I added a lot more Chaos Strike into the default version (3), but you prob need around my haste for it to show its potential (base 22, 23 with food).

> Update 2021-08-10: I spam added more Chaos Strike into the default version (3), now it's really firing off haha.

> Update 2021-08-10: Made a few changes to version 2 and 3 where I removed automatic Immolation aura, you now have to manually press it. This will make the macro even more responsive, and it will let you have even more control over your fury, so you don't overcap, which basically mean you can use more Chaos Strike = More dps.

> Update 2021-08-11: This will prob be the final update I do to this macro, since I have now added even more Chaos Strike into the macro, and increased loop count. Now it actually does Sim dmg and above if played correctly (I'm talking about version 3, the standard for non PvP). I also want to thank @LivinOnTheCorner for helping me improve the mod for Eye Beam in version 3.

> Update 2021-08-27: I made a few changes to version 2 (momentum) to not have automatic Immolation aura, to further make it more reliable, and a few structural changes similar to how I made version 3, so in short more dps.

> Update 2021-09-05: Added some more Chaos Strike into Version 3, it seems to be even more responsive now.

> Update 2021-09-08: Made huge changes to the PvP build. I changed Demon Blades to Demon's Bite, since it's best for macros, and as such I had to redesign the whole version (basically just take version 3 and add felblade at end). Yes I removed automatic Immolation Aura from version 4. All in all It's a 2k dps increase for me haha.

> Update 2021-09-13: Made some additional changes to the PvP build. I brought back Demon Blades since it's worth having over Demon's bite when you got 25% + vers. I also removed auto targeting from the PvP version since I cannot figure out how to make it only target players and not pets.

> Update 2021-09-14: Made additional changes to the PvP build, it's even better now!

> Update 2021-09-24: Made a few changes to the pvp build (4) and the standard demonic build (3). I added targetingenemyplayer to version 4 so it auto targets a new player now after death of one of the enemy players. I also added in more chaos strike and loop count in version 3. Everything should work even better, probably a 5% dps increase.

> Update 2022-05-07: I will be playing again soon, idk if the macro still functions since blizz made a patch that made Chaos Strike not able to be superspammed. I will look into this very soon.

> Update 2022-05-08: I’ve tried version 3 and it works perfectly like before so I guess it’s fixed by a minipatch.

> Update 2022-05-09: I will be looking into putting in more chaos strike soon, and put new and better information here on this website.

> Update 2022-05-11: I've fixed version 3 to work as intended, and I've updated version 3 for more Chaos Strike inputs. I will be uploading a new showcase video soon and reiterate the information on this forum.

A brief showcase of the updated version 3 (standard version i’m using for practically everything except PvP, which I use version 4 for.), no buffs with 242 ilvl.

Hello and welcome! This macro have been tested and reiterated for almost a year now to reflect the changes in playstyle and meta. I’m updating this macro every so often to complement players feedback and as said, changes in playstyle and meta by patches. If you got any questions just send me a PM or write here in comments section.
If you want to submit an error, please explain what version you are referring to for faster testing.

Here’s my rio page so you can see what keys I have done (with version 3) or if you want to see my gear etc.

I do not recommend you using version 1 for anything else than leveling, since it’s less reliable than the other builds. The reason is that version 1 fires off most abilities automatically, so you don’t have full control over CDs that are important like Eye Beam and Blade Dance. The more you do manual Eye Beam and Blade dance, like in the 3rd/4th version, the more reliable dps and closer to sim it gets.

These abilities are fully automated without hickups or fury starvation:

  • Immolation Aura / Only in 1st version.
  • Eye Beam / Only in 1st version.
  • Chaos Strike in all versions.
  • Blade Dance / Only in 1st version.
  • Demon’s Bite / Only in 1st/3rd/4th version.
  • Essence Break / Only in 2nd version.
  • Felblade / Only in 2nd/4th version.
  • Glaive Tempest / Removed for now.

The rest you have to do yourself.

I also use this AHK script, so best bet is to use this if you want to have a chance to get the same results as me:

Made it so you can edit the macro now, if you feel like changing it, I don’t judge! :smiley:


Usage Information

I’m running it at 20ms, but I guess you can try on your own preferrable ms.

Version 1: Demonic build (Everything automatic);Talents: 11212X1
Version 2: Momentum Build;Talents: 33213X2
Version 3: Demonic Build (Only automatic Chaos Strike and Demon’s bite);Talents: 11211X1
Version 4: PvP Build;Talents: 332X231

This macro contains 4 macro templates. This Sequence was exported from GSE 3.0.61.

  • The Default macro template is 3
  • Arenas use template 4

Other Macros I’ve made:

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finaly new macros :stuck_out_tongue:

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Haha yeah, what do you think about it? I will prob make more macros, for rogues especially, there’s litteraly no good working sub rogue macro anymore xD


it works great it
yeah plz work on rogue macro for pvp

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It is a great macro.
Can you make some Fury Warrior Macros.


Good macro but it uses too less Eye Beam. Is there a way too fix this?
And i cant edit this macro, could u pls change this.

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I vote to this into existence we very much need a sub rogue macro tired of combat spec

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It should use eye beam on cooldown, but ill look into it!

You cant edit it? I’ll fix a new link that you can edit then, my bad!

Haha nice! Yeah i’ll get into it soon!

Haha ty for liking it! I have never played a warrior, so I can’t fam :confused:

Haha I’ll make one, prob later today or tmrw it will be here, if i can get one to work properly!

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It wont use it on cooldown at 40 ms for me
Sometimes there are a gasp from 5-8 sec before he use it when its rdy

Oh I see, I will test it again, might have to add one more eye beam in

I made one, go check it out!

I made one, tell me if its ok :smiley:

Great Macro, works well mate!

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How does Adi bags break GSE???

Did u add more Eye Beams? And its rdy for test now?

I have no idea how but it does. I get error about an interface addon, and when i delete adibags the gse and everything works again. I tried this multiple times to see if it really was adibags.

Higher than 40ms you prob need 1 more of eye beam in the middle or end of the macro, in /cast not /castsequence, but I will test it later!