GSE3 PvE/PvP 9.2 (No Fury Starvation And Never Gets Stuck)

Where would u add it?

in the middle or end fam

Try the new version, i made it much better now, i think!

Try it now, it should be much better

You can try the new version, it is a much better i believe, as it will fire blade dance more often!

I made an update, its much better now, as it will fire of blade dance much often :smiley:

Sweet m8 will try when I log on tonight…ty for the macro

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All good fam, hope it went well!

I made a new update to it, its really really much better now, idk if you can make it better at this point xD

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seems to be a personal problem with adibags, using adibags since legion with gse never had any issues

ok i will and thanks again :slight_smile:

Obviously it’s a personal problem, however more people maybe get it too, so thats why wrote this problem down, so if anyone here have adibags, and their gse stop working because of an “error with an interface addon”, it’s most likely adibags.

tried it, starving after 17 seconds and hickups all over. i think ill stick to bladepro’s. thanks


What ms do you have in game? You shouldn’t have lower ms than your current ms in game, so if you dont have sub 38 or less ms, this macro is prob not gonna be as smooth. It depends on what haste you have too, the higher haste you have the lower cd (to a point). You can try to add in more demon’s bite if you feel it’s starving, or add more haste to your gear. I have only tried at 40, which works perfect for me, and my haste is 16.67%. You do you fam, it doesn’t matter for me what macro you use haha :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Oh btw, I have so the macro fires off the bottom trinket automatically, if you dont have an on USE trinket there, it might glitch things out, so try to disable that.

Working good - i like to have Eye beam on an alt - so i did edit it out of the macro and move a mod:alt one on top. but it takes some time to cast.

is this new gse working like 1-2-3-4 or 1-2-1-2-3-1-2-3-4 ? if that makes sense.


It goes from top-bottom, i.e 1234 etc.

You can just have eye beam on a normal keybind fam, having mods will make it slower to cast sometimes and it might get stuck and don’t cast

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I love your macro. Good work.

Hi Guys,

I cannot get this macro to run, either an error message appears because of an incorrect command (I found and fixed it) or the macro does not even start.

All other macros, including older ones, run without any problems, only this one causes problems.

Does one of you have an idea?

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Do you use the same script for ahk, same talents?