Having trouble with GSE

Heya just as the title says, I’m having some issues.
I can open the GSE addon and see my current macros in there but I can’t make any changes to them.
I can’t import new macros and I can’t delete any macros.

I must add that GSE works perfectly on my shaman and hunter, it won’t work on my Death knight.
I deleted the Lua file to reset the settings but that didn’t fix my problem.

Anyone had this issue?

Update: I solved the problem.

I had to open the lua file for the account using notepad and find a corrupt sequence, delete it, save and it started working! :smiley:

Good Stuff, i was going to say you have a corrupted macro.

At least you knew how to get into the saved variable file as alot would be put off seeing the amount of code in there :smiley:

FYI - here’s an alternative way to fix a corrupt macro

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