Havoc DH ST Raid

So for awhile i had loads of people asking me in msgs to release my version of my macro ive been using now credits goes to DV8 as this is what i got a base from changed some stuff not to much dont wanna ruin it all so its just slow progress on the macro.

Now this isnt really a guide but a quick rundown for Havoc DH

Talents are pretty basic being 2311231 (Reason behind Fel Eruption is due to corruption being able to stun the thing from beyond you dont really want to use it for dps or anything mostly just for a ST stun incase interrupt on cd etc, would not recommend putting it inside the macro)

Azerite Traits: you want x3 Furious Gaze, x1 Eyes of Rage, x1 Chaotic Transformation.
Weapons: you want the Crawg Tusks from underrot as the damage gets buffed from Chaos Brand, Raden weapon isnt bad if theres some cleave in the fight.
Corruptions: Infinate Stars, Gushing Wounds, Expedient and Void Ritual isnt bad now either after the buff.
Essences: Condensed Life-Force major if rank 3, Conflict and Strife or Lucid Dreams, Crucible of Flame, Breath of the Dying as your last minor.

And for stats please i cannot stress this enough dont ask the OP for stats its better off if u use raidbots and sim your character for ur stats and whats an upgrade or not.

Now im also open to feedback give me some detailed ones as then i would be way more interested to give more updates on the macro and i also have a busy life at this moment but ill check as often as i can.

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Current Raiding Macro for Havoc DH.

Alt - Meta
Shift - Eye Beam
Ctrl - Chaos Strike aka ur fury dump if needed

This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.5.3.

Macro Version 1

Step Function: Priority

Pre Macro: Immolation Aura, Chaos Strike

KeyPress: Chaos Strike, Metamorphosis, Eye Beam

Main Sequence: Immolation Aura, Blade Dance, Demon’s Bite, Chaos Strike


Will give more updates when i wake up.

First macro that I’ve used in a long time that actually has smooth casting, usually other ones stall for a bit but this one fires one after another. very nice.

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Really the best one out here, at least for me :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing

keep on pushing

Hey nice macro what MS you run this my ms is 22 home 23 world I usually run at 25 but any suggestions would be helpful thanks

Wow tried this was so damn smooth with casts and no downtime where nothing happens. VERY CLOSE to sim in DPS + amount of Casts!!

Any particular reason for fel eruption instead of unleashed power?

OMG! great macro! much close to sim… But i have a question: if by chance i want to put eye beam to cast without mod, where would i put it?

How fast do u run this macro?

Probably best to run it at the same speed as your latency is

Yeah was wondering why the talent if its not in the macro? Just curious. Will try to add to macro and see if it affects.

Fel Erruption is not really a talent to put in a macro - mostly situational so that’s likely why. Use it when you need it

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Due to corruption atm dh has about 50 ish the thing from beyond you can simply stun and its gone for the moment, not to mention m+ incase interrupt on cd or u just need a ST stun.

i would really not recommend playing eye beam without a mod as it can really ruin ur rotation or simply get u killed cause you need to move out of something etc.

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How fast do u run your macro?

its down to your own preference rn im using like 25-30 ish

Will be doing some slight updates on the macro (soon) and as always im still open for feedback on the macro preferred raids would be great to help me improve the macro itself.

Edit: might be abit delayed as i am currently sick slight fever but should be fine in a few days again!