HC/Mythic+ High Performing - Single Target and Multi Target Macros

Good barbed shot uptime, little delay on KS/KC. Bossing two other hunters with similar item levels I run instances with.

If you want to add Mend Pet for auto casting in world quests I suggest you add /cast [nochanneling] Mend Pet to the end of the PreMacro section. If you’re using Soulforge Embers then put it on another button, same with Wild Spirits.

Single Target (BM-SL-ST)


Multi Target (BM-SL-AOE)


Combined - use any mod key for AOE (BM-SL-AIO)


Suggested Weak Aura

Recommended weak aura for telling you when you haven’t a target selected when in combat: https://wago.io/JELtQ4MwK/3


good macro id like one that includes the covenant abilities i feel the abilities break the macros expecially the fae when you gotta hit it then click it

You can add this line to the end of the PreMacro section if you like, alternatively add it to a separate button as you will end up missing mobs with your cursor in the wrong spot or using it at an inappropriate time like just when the mobs are about to die otherwise:

/cast [@cursor,nochanneling] Wild Spirits

If you have soulforge embers (I don’t), then add then add something like this to a button and click twice after positioning your cursor:

/castsequence [@cursor,nochanneling] reset=combat/10 Tar Trap, Flare

hello thank you for the macro I will try it in mitica plus and tell you, at the dummies I tested it but it seems that aoe is slow let’s see

I’ll try this macro a whirl as well! Thank you for sharing!

Where would you add “Tranquilizing Shot” in this rotation?

Wouldn’t add it to rotation, except as maybe a modifier key in the KeyPress section. Definitely don’t want to include in the main rotation sequence or else it will be a DPS loss.

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As mentioned by ghunter, put it in the KeyPress with a modifier on it, i.e.

This would give preference to mouseover target then current target, pressing any mod key:
/cast [mod,@mouseover][mod] Tranquilizing Shot

This would just shoot current target with any mod key pressed:
/cast [mod] Tranquilizing Shot

Change the mod to mod:shift or mod:alt or mod:ctrl if you want to use a specific modifier for it.

Unfortunately I have to say that all the macros for bm run very well on the base nothing exciting for dps though. the bm to date is a class unplayable very little dps very little generation aoe focus blocked totally and extreme slowness in all rotation. Let’s also put that addon gse performs in a bad way the macros often skipping all speed execution etc. it does not get one right so I’m undecided whether to abandon the class altogether now. to date with item livel 200 the dps is around 3.5 k on average very very low while spec mm I see players do 10k and more. not with the macros however that in turn for mm are very low. that say blizzard has ruined the class altogether compliments

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10k…on average for MM??..where?

The top raiding MM speccs @ 223ilvl are parsing @ 6k ( Complexity Limit logs )

I am 198 ilvl, a #3 Covenant ( Venthyr ) and took the #2 Legendary Rylakstalker’s Piercing Fangs and I still am parsing at 4-5k

So where you are getting that the class is unplayable and does “very little dps”??

As for AoE…again I use a macro from here and still continue to get 6.5 - 9k dps

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Agree with this ^^. One of the hunters I run with was MM but had trouble with movement fights in Mythic, he changed to BM and does similar damage.

Stand still and dont move …yea, MM may beat a BM…but how often does that happen …or if they are called to do mechanics that force them to run to grab stuff?

Playing MM is like chess, you have to think three or four moves ahead in your movement spots .

If you know the fight and people you’re playing with it makes life much, much easier and you will out DPS anything.

It would be really useful if those posters replying with OT discussion regarding MS and bans or not with regard to below 100ms activations would take their discussions to a new thread specifically for it and leave this one for discussion of the macro that was posted.

I don’t plan on entering into any discussion of the merits of such a discussion here, but I don’t believe it belongs here and as OP I’m happy to include a link to such a discussion with an edit of my original post.


Cleaned up by OP’s request.


About to release some changes to the original macros in the KeyPress section (and a new combined st/aoe macro). Whilst auto-targeting works well in open world solo content, not so much in Mythic where accidentally pulling another pack through auto targeting and not getting off the macro button early can cause delays or wipes.

So this:

/targetenemy [noharm][dead]
/use Smack(Basic Attack)
/use Bite(Basic Attack)
/use Claw(Basic Attack)
/cast [@pet,dead,nochanneling] Mend Pet

Is changing to this:

/use Smack(Basic Attack)
/use Bite(Basic Attack)
/use Claw(Basic Attack)
/cast [@pet,dead,nochanneling] Mend Pet

and a separate key (with /petpassive /targetenemy) or clicking on a mob is used for target selection.

In addition, I find this Weak Aura https://wago.io/JELtQ4MwK/3 great for telling me I need to select a new target.

I don’t think it’d make much of a difference but I would use this instead as the Pet AI is still very wonky and sometimes you might see your pet run back and forth (when I was maining BM and use it now as MM for WQ’s, Dallies and Torghast) from me to the Target.

/use [@pettarget]Claw
/use [@pettarget]Bite
/use [@pettarget]Smack
/cast [@pet,dead,nochanneling] Mend Pet

Just a thought.

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Thanks for the suggestion, I’ve updated them accordingly.

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Any reason for using One With the Pack instead of Scent of Blood as recommended in Icy veins? :slight_smile:

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None at all, well spotted

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