Hooligan's Feral DPS -- 10.2 12/22/23 Update

So there’s an update because this ends up parsing/bursting better. I did try modifiers and TBH it just seems like to much work and im lazy. You can use the ST in the AOE build, but you cannot use the AOE in the ST build, due to not having Primal Wrath -

ilvl 472 on my druid - I will not provide my gear or loadout or advice on that.
I parse with Tepid verse, eggs, augment rune, weapon rune, mark
And no I won’t be providing screenshots :wink:

:bangbang: Please keep in mind that your parses will vary from day to night due to talents :bangbang:

ST I sim 147k
I pul 125-130k on dummy (1 TARGET)’
it does fluctuate quite a bit.

AOE build
ST SIM 120k (1 target) No optimal conditions
I pull 100k on dummy (1 TARGET)

GSE → Options → scroll down
MS click rate on GSE is 100 and OOC Queue Delay is set to 10 within the GSE settings

AOE SIM 330k (5 TARGETS) No optimal conditions
I pull 280k on dummy (5 TARGETS)

These numbers are rounded and variable.

For those who do- I use 175ms to 200ms will make these macros work fine as long as you are below 100 ms latency. Your mileage may vary, use what works for you :slight_smile:




Above is ST -

Use talents for both

Below is AE




Lastly - Regrowth has been removed from the variables because this causes parses to lower. I suggest just keeping your defensive CD’s on your bar and casting a regrowth if you know ya need it when OOC pops.
If you want it back add Variable named KeyRelease

/console autounshift 0
/cast [nochanneling] Regrowth
/console autounshift 1

and then put ~~KeyRelease~~ On the blocks you wish it to be.


what speed u run this on razer mouse ?

No primal wrath in AOE macro? :confused:

It’s a single-target build – primal wrath doesn’t do as much in ST from what I’ve tested. If you can make a better parsing macro, I encourage you to do so and share it :slight_smile:

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Ty for the effort , some feedback then .
i have tried all macros here with diffrent timings etc , Im on ilvl 443 get arround 80 k singel 130 aoe with this .

Are you parsing higher with any other GSE macro?

yes , well singel is about same on 3 depending on macro speed so its not worse just hoping a pure single target should be higher for me . so to sum in up i dont do better with a singeltarget macro then aoe if any diffrence its to small . I been trying so meny specs etc to get higher not easy .

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Yeah but has anyone else’s macro done better for you?

Why are u so fixated on “if anyones macro did better” just make what u can, if its not the best who cares. x.x tbh i have a macro that peforms much better for feral and sustains 240+k on 5 target AOE dummies and spikes to 300k im ilvl 439 with bis weapin etc, but i modified it and tested things for hours to my personal use. and i dont post macros i make unless the original dev is okay with it on their own thread cause i dont have time time to deal with my own macro threads. Also primal wrath is the main part of AOE for feral. I was simply trying yours to see if there was anything out there possibly more managed than what i currently use for feral. I always experiment with newly made macros even if the ones i have are preforming outstanding already. Because im after macros that can manage 85% sim accuracy or higher if not i simply dont use it/play the class. because in high keys 20+ anything lower than 85% sim peformance is not good but once again thats just my personal need. Otherwise if people don’t do high keys Even a half made macro will be fine for any class.

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How about maybe a MS suggestion would make this even better

Very nice macro Hooligan!

how do you do AOE with this addon

They said this in the OP. i assume you will need to go into the macro and change the default to V2 if you want to do something that has multiple mobs.

great cheers , was getting problems but all good

So he can figure out how to improve his? You sound like a real fun person to play wow with.

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The reason im focused on – if you can do it better share the knowledge is so that we can do content better, more efficiently – The goal of this addon GSE – is to make it possible for people to play the game without much effort.

This macro was put out for ST , if you don’t, believe me, ^^ go read it up there.

– I made this because no one else’s macro would parse decently for me and again – if you have something better you should share it, so people don’t have to struggle. Very few people want to be a tryhard all the time – if you can press one button and do 90% of the dps that you would be pushing 7, why would you struggle to push 7 and pay attention to mechanics and all of that — it becomes more of a job than a game. Get off your high horse man :slight_smile: Respectfully. Im putting macros out so people don’t have to struggle. Remove barriers, let people play and see content and I suggest you do the same if you have a macro that does better :slight_smile:


Thank you Buddy! making a Druid now and this will help down the line.


tested HC

hello your contribution is really great and it hits the core, but I would be happy if you would post the macro you created to me via PN ST & Aoe. I would be very happy :slight_smile:

this macro does really well in raid