How to spam macro with Razer mouse?

Hello, i have a Razer mouse and i would like to know how to spam a macro with it?

For example this macro : My Vengeance Macro with logs to back it up - Patch 7.0+ - WoW Lazy Macros
we can read 071ms as speed for Razer Synapse, but how to setup this?



1.) Create a Razer account & register youre mouse (if you PC crash or anything - you will have a online backup of all youre profiles
2.) Start the razer software
3.) Click on “mouse” - “profile” and create a new profile named “Vengeance” for example
4.) Click on “Macros” “+” and give it a name
5.) Click “Standard delay” and try it with 50ms delay
6.) … “Record” now you push a button that is free to use in WoW
7.) “Stopp”

for example i have “ö” down “ö” up 50ms break
8.) Click on “Mouse” and choise a mouse button where you want to place the macro off
For example - my macro key is “5” so you have to click on “5” and now choise “key assignment” - “macro” a little down you will have to choise which macro you want to use .
A little down you have the “playback option” ( i dont know what its called in english) there you choise the last one “play it as long i press this button”

I hope this was understandable :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot, that’s very clear! I will try it asap :slight_smile: