I am feeling really weak

I wonder what i am doing wrong with my macros. i tried elfs, i tried legions. i tried hooligans. i just find i under perform. my monk eunliza is sitting on 448 i level. i see other monks dominating me. other classes doing like 2x 3x my dps.

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Here are some reasons you might be feeling that way:

  1. None of these macros for WW Monk will parse well. The monk playstyle, at its heart, is all about preparing for something coming up in the battle and leveraging what you have in the moment to best negotiate that. For example, if you know there’s going to be a big AOE burst moment, you can prep with your tiger statue + SEF + FoF + SotWL and you’ll perform well. But if these macros will not perform those steps for you. You may or may not have the statue ready. You may or may not do FoF at the right time (more likely not), and you may or may not have SEF ready. I recommend pulling these situational spells out of your macro and using them when you feel like you should, rather than when the macro decides to.

  2. 443 is OK I guess, but is lower iLvl than LFR in the current meta. Additionally, item level alone does not determine performance. What stats have you stacked? What set bonuses do you have? If you’re just aiming for iLvl and you do not have a set bonus, you may be doing 80-90k DPS. Whereas a Windwalker with a 4p from the last tier at the same iLvl along with appropriate stat balance might do much more.

  3. Consumables are helpful. While this won’t change the game for you, they’ll offer you an additional amount of damage that you might not have. Consider using Deviously Deviled Eggs for food buff, Iced Phial of Corrupting Rage or even Phial of Glacial Fury in M+, and a Buzzing Rune for your weapon. Additionally, you should try to hone your stats with gems and enchantments when you can, to steer some of your stats in the direction you’d like to go. You can find which gems and enchants should be where on Icy Veins or Wowhead.

I hope some of this has helped. Best of luck to you.


Perphas break the Macros into 3.

  1. Regular Macro
  2. Serenity Macro (Opener)
  3. AoE Macro

Im with you