I CAME IN LIKE A WREKING BALL -- Dragonflight Protection Paladin Easy-Mode

Latest Version 12/5/2022

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I am the hope of the universe. I am the answer to all living things that cry out for peace. I am protector of the innocent. I am the light in the darkness. I am truth. Ally to good! Nightmare to you!

Simple tank mode flows through abilites like a knife through butter. On higher keys you will have to use your defensive cool-downs just like you did in Shadowlands & BFA but overall these are still top-notch tanks. Will constantly use these abilities on cool-down:

* Shield of the Righteous
* Avengers Shield
* Judgment




* [mod:shift] Word of Glory
* [mod:ctrl] Consecration
* [mod:alt] Divine Toll



LATEST VERSION 2.0 - 12/5/2022

  • Updated to max lvl 70 with additional talents

    LATEST VERSION 1.5 - 11/13/2022

  • Updated talents to include Dusk to Dawn & Seal of Order for survivability
  • Updated to drop Consecration automatically on first engagement
  • Will continously drop Consecration during pull
  • Should cast free version of Word of Glory continously (Shining Light Passsive)

    reserved for future use

    I have tried importing, and while it imports, it does not fire off.

    i am having same issue, tried all the fixes that been posted. so not sure what is causing non function.

    You might have to create this macro - drag it onto the bar - and press it to use it - there is alot of talk about macros not firing on the forums

    So, 2 things.

    1. Creating the macro above does allow the macro to fire. also, it does not have to be on the bars.
    2. This is severely HP starved. While it fires, SoR and HoW never fires, there is not enough HP to kick them off.

    thank you for creating the macro and such a detailed how to in the info. I look forward to testing this out

    I came for the title, and nothing else :rofl: :stuck_out_tongue:


    thats what got my interest also.

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    Just a couple things:

    • how are you testing this ? I personally walk into a mythic+ dungeon … 40 ilvls below content and go hamm and see if I can survive on my own … and I do
    • if your trying this on training dummies then perhaps that is why … your not proc’ing Grand Crusader for more Avenger’s Shield or something
    • try it on actual dungeons see how it reacts …
    • maybe your talents are different than mine

    Video on youtube being processed as we speak to showcase it

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    I would love to see the video. So I can see what I am doing wrong.

    video is up see whats going on

    Thank you for this!!!. I’m currently leveling a prot pally and now level 45. Can’t wait to jump in M+. I’m a disabled vet and play with 1 hand so this will help a lot.

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    Same boat here - how I found this place

    Awesome! glad I found it as well. I modified all CDs to just go in my rotation while speeding through dungeons works great. Super lazy mode.

    What leggo and cov are you using?

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    First 5 mobs in mythic necrotic wake solo, manually using consecration myself, i use a slightly different build to the OP but as you can see, this mashes the hell out of SotR impressed with it so far, nice and simple macro does that it needs to do, leaving you to manage the cooldowns yourself which i much prefer

    decent job imho !

    I have the same problem, it’s not firing

    check the forums - there are a few reasons why macros wont fire - search and ye shall find

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